Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de Dogpile


30ish F3RVA men braved the sunny and 70 weather with 20 mph winds to what they thought would be a Sippy Cup Q but got Rosie instead.  Flag planted deep to stay upright in the wind,  a few requests to start early to get out of the wind ignored,  clock hit 0600 and we were off.   

Mosey toward the second circle but turn into the field when some construction flags were seen in the circle.   Warm up with SSH, DQ, Hillbillies, add the Jville hop, merkins, LBC and flutter kicks.   Continue to the second circle for the Golden Triangle.  Bear creek, 10 merkins, run, 20 jump squats,  backward run,  30 box cutters.   Round 2 – bear crawl,  10 burpees, run, 20 monkey humpers, backward run,  30 2 count Freddie mercuries.  

Mosey to the RustyCage, can’t miss a chance to stop here.   Hardywood was headed to the trail,  always 1 step ahead.   Partner up 3 rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 WWII, 5 jerkins.  Plankarama (lost an FNG here)

Now there’s enough light to head down the trail.   Run down to the pump road,  find a new partner.   100s for our brother crushing 100 miles today.  100 merkins, 100 jump squats,  100 old man V-ups (crunchy frogs), partner runs the pipe loop.

Mosey over to Love Hill (lost Upchuck), new partner.  P1 runs halfway up P2 goes up with lunges, polar bears, and broad jump burpees.  Mosey up the hill to the field by the parking lot for Mary to close it out.


First off Tclaps to Hitchhiker,  that’s 2 weeks in a row he’s posted with 3 FNGs.  Great work on the EH, somebody buy that man some coffee because coffee is for closers.  Loose Goose brought an FNG but he didn’t make it past the Rusty Cage, I didn’t get the full story, merlot spill? Loose Goose is planning to have him out again soon.  Seymour crushed some pull ups and jerkins today.  Welcome back to Aisle 5 and his 2.0 Dirty Rice with his second post.  Sippy asked YHC to switch the Q with him next week so he child stay home with the kids while his wife helped her mother.  Luckily YHC had a late change of plans and got to stay in town for Dogpile.  YHC had planned too hit the pipe loop since we only have one more week before daylight savings puts us back in the dark for a while.  Hardywood tried to go straight down the trail but we can’t skip the Cage,  or at least YHC can’t.    Always a pleasure to lead this group but a large group at Dogpile is especially fun.



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  1. Way to lead our 30 man PAX Rosie. Way to work FNGs and great to catch up some with Aisle 5. Great way to start the weekend.

  2. Good times

    So is Hitchhiker the new head of F3RVAs HR Department? Way to go brother

    Thanks Oyster for teaching me how to lock my Garmin ?

  3. If the FNG comes back and finishes out, his call sign has to be Downy (the quicker picker upper).

  4. Nice job Rosie, way to lead! Welcome FNG’s, nice job to Vinny (4 posts in his first week)…

    GO TYA!!

  5. Great Substitute Q Rosie. I was smoked before we got to Love Hill and that put me down for the count. Great to be back out at a Dogpile and see so many guys I don’t see during the week. ETs was great – I enjoyed catching up with Fudd and EFH (and others) and getting to know Vinny. Absolutely the BEST way to start the weekend.

    Welcome to Peedmont, Subprime and Vandalay – hope to see you guys again soon.

    Loose Goose – hope your FNG was ok and intrigued to come back and give it another try… I propose Take Two, Re-Run or Part Deux as potential names should he complete the task in his next posting.

  6. Great job, Rosie! My first experience on the pipeline wore me out. Welcome FNG’s! Way to work everyone!