Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oil Cans and Tube Socks


13 stallions came by foot to see what all the noise was outside with the wind.  It seems that the wind woke many of us up in the early morning hours providing some lethargy pre-run.

Off we go on the Reverse Carillon routes of 4, 5, and 6 mile varieties.

YHC took us out.


It’s great to see some new runners coming out.  CSAUP training is in full bloom with Kubota, KeyMaster, Bootleg to name a few.  Spit lit up the 5 mile route today and it’s always good to have a rare Fudd sighting.

Speaking of sightings, Labrat resumed running today.  Today’s backblast title comes from a post-run Labrat conversation that Lockjaw overhead.  Seems the Rat was doing some contrasting with Saab.  Never a dull moment with this crowd.


  • TYA starts his 100 miler tomorrow.  Keep him in your thoughts through the weekend.  Not because of the run, but rather for his safety in riding in a RV across three states in high winds with Saab, Circle K, and Swirly at the wheel.  Might as well keep him in your thoughts for the run as well.
  • Post-CSAUP festivities – We are looking for non-running PAX who are able to set up the finish line festivities.  Inquiries can be made with Lockjaw, TYA, Rosie, or Honey Do.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Hearty thanks to Sippy for intercepting me on Patterson and giving me good company as usual. I don’t think I would have run the full 6 had I been alone on this blustery day.

    Stack o’ Pancakes…snack size.

  2. Keymaster and I were hoping for some kind of a route that included the Fan when were in route to the AO this morning. Our dreams came true! Thanks, Lockjaw! Good luck to TYA and the support group this weekend!

  3. Great run today fellas. Enjoyed running with Swirly and Fudd this morning. Swirly thanks for calling out all the down tree limb on the route. Good Luck TYA on your run this weekend!

  4. Thanks for the simple route I couldn’t mess up today Lockjaw!

    Drive safe and run safe Team TYA!

  5. Sorry I talked over you this morning, Lockjaw. Didnt realize I did that.

    Notsorry I made fun of your junk, Saab. That was fun.

  6. After THP tomorrow, there is a (separate) landscaping/park cleanup project at Bellemeade Park, 9am-12pm. Feel free to join me and my fam and bring your fam there.

  7. Saab sounding like Dr Seuss.

    “The sun did not shine. It was too windy to run. So we ran the reverse carillon on this cold, cold, blustery day”

    Sorry to miss you guys.