Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Timberwolf – Party of Two


Two of the South Sides finest rolled into Tomahawk Middle for a Hot Potato Q this morning!

One Lap around the school to double check any Lifos, then on to the bus loop!


SSH x 20

DQ x 10

Slow Merkins x 10

LBC x 20

Mosey to wall

20 Donkey Kicks – Bear crawl to Curb, 5 Merkins, Crawl Bear back to wall – Repeato twice

Double Check – Partner 1 Runs around bus loop, Partner 2- 10 WWII, 20 Jump Squats —  Repeato twice

Lunge to next light pole

Length of Parking lot Love Hill – Runner, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump Burpee, Lunge – Reach end of lot and Repeato back to other side

2 rounds of Light Pole Runs – Run to each light pole and stop, PAX alternated calling out exercises at each pole:

Excercises: Merkins, LBC, Burpees, Arm Circles, LT Dan, Crabcakes, Freddie Mercury, Fluttter Kicks, 4×4, SSH, Wide Grip Merkin, Diamond Merkin, APD, Hello Dolly, Rosalitas, Hillbillies, American Hammers

Mosey back around school to the flag

Double Check – Partner 1- runner, Partner 2 – 20 Fluttter Kicks, 10 Merkins – Repeato 3 Times

Mary – Freddy Mercury, Hello Dolly


Great morning in the gloom!  Appreciate Gumbo pushing me this morning, for sure going to feel the pain later in the day!  Great fellowship and conversation, thats what F3 is all about!  Enjoy your day fellas, hug your loved ones!



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  1. Right on Marmaduke. Thanks for being there brother – don’t think I had a solo workout in me this morning.

  2. Look at that list of exercises on the light pole run! Shakedown, we gotta make our way out to T-Wolf again soon. Way to push each other guys!