Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Westham Kickback


Ten noble steeds, including the one armed bandit, gathered in the pre-dawn for this morning’s iteration of Spider Run.  Splinter commandeered the Q from Lockjaw who had it for the past month.  Not surprising, Lockjaw wasn’t Q’ing so he didn’t post.  Route went something like this:

Rather straightforward 4 mile loop.  Run across the lake, meander up the hill to Keller and out the College Drive entrance.  Cross College, up Glen Pkwy and take a right on Westham.  Westham all the way to Patterson, right on Patterson, Right on Horsepen.  Cut through fraternity row, back by the baseball field and back to the VSF.

5 milers took a left on University and ran across Ridge and up to Ralston.  Turn around and come back to Westham and complete the loop.  Adding the long way around the lake to finish.

6 milers did the 5 mile route and took a right on Waveny, working down to Horsepen then turning around and heading back to Westham.  Follow the 4 mile route to Horsepen, left on Glen, right on Ridge Top, left up Chandler and back down.  Continue on Ridge Top, cutting through fraternity row and back to the VSF.

Marvelous morning for a run.  Light six mile crew this morning but conversation centered around all the positives of parents living vicariously through kids sports.  Everyone is injury free and gearing up for the CSAUP.

Great to see Wheelbarrow out there this morning.  Must be the pull of CSAUP training.  SoJ is looking strong and may be able to field 2 teams.  Keep recruiting.

Saab was a blur this morning.  Ran to the AO, ran around, then ran home.

TClaps to Two Can for keeping the PAX abreast of Gen Z lingo.  Parties aren’t parties anymore, they are kickbacks.

Keep kicking back gentlemen.  Crank up some Angus Young and enjoy the day.

Splinter out.



  1. Thanks for hosting my first time in the rolling hills of Spider Run – glad to have Two Can guiding me through the neighborhoods…wouldn’t want to get lost in the ghetto of Westham

  2. Wheelbarrow, glad you didn’t get jumped on the mean streets of Westham.

    Anyone else notice Keymaster in disguise, ie sans white long sleeved shirt below his trademark vest?