Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Scorpion kicks are a real thing


Six strong came out to Heartbreak Ridge despite the frost. We did:

COP of SSH, Don Qs, Hillbillies, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks. Mosey to Honeysuckle Hill.

Bear crawl up, 3 Burpees at top, run back and B2W. Next run up hill, 5 Burpees at top, then back. 30 Jump Squats. Lunge rest of fence then 3 burpees. Head to tennis courts.

Partner up- Wheelbarrow to net then 10 Derkins. Switch partner. Repeato x3.  Then 3 sets of 20 PLTs. Head to Basketball court- 5 Hand-release Merkins at each hoop, then 10 on hoops on other side. Off to Jerkin Gym – 3 sets of 8. Finish up with 2 sets of- 40 Bench kicks and 30 Jump Squats. Brief bit of Mary back at flag to get us to 6:15.

NMS – Great to see Plush out for 2nd day after inaugural post at Hoedown yesterday. Nice work in opting for the jump right in the deep end of the gloom option.

We had 4 pax with 30 seconds to start when Offshore made it an uneven 5. On the initial mosey Loose Goose presciently said Mr Holland would arrive during the COP to make it an even 6 and true to form he did.

Loose Goose apparently had never seen Scorpion Kicks and had some choice words about the Qs choice of exercise in the frosty grass. YHC almost opted to follow that with Superman.

We covered most of the AO and the PAX could sense YHC’s desire to stop at the Donkey Kick Wall but the Jerkin Gym called us down. What can make Jerkins worse? How about the bar covered in ice so you can barely grip the bar and if you slip off you land in the freezing mud below. That will test your grip strength, aye!

Mr Holland is on the fence about being forcibly signed up for the CSAUP in April. Maybe putting it in writing will seal the deal.

Silent Assassin signing off.


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