Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just a Walk in the Dog Park


12 redwoods and a FNG showed up for perfect beat down weather.  As typical for Hoedown, it was dark and a little rainy, but 70 and sunny when we started.

Commence with 6/10ths of a mile run around to Dogwood Park.  Chase the owl away, scan for dogpiles, and a quick disclaimer as well as welcome FNG Jim.


  • Don Quixote
  • Helicopters
  • Arm Circles
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Invisible Jumprope


  • Partner 1 – 100 Monkey Humpers, 200 LBC, 300 Flutter Kicks
  • Partner 2 – Bear Crawl up the hill and come down the hill anyway you want as long as not on two legs.

Lindsays in the playground – Derkins off of the benches/toys and American Hammers.

Those with headlights illuminated safe passage across the creek as none of the Pax fell in the water nor fell on the rocks.  This puts us out at the bottom of Lindsay Court.  Partner up.

  • Partner 1 run 4-5 driveways up and back.
  • Partner 2 does standing broad jump up the hill.  Reverso
  • Repeat with Lunges and Russian Soldiers to the top of the hill.

Mosey over to VSF for Mary:

  • Hello Dollies
  • One Legged APDs (sounds redundant, right?) – left leg and then right leg
  • Rosalitas

Quick ring of fire.

Honey Do took us out.


It was great to have a FNG out today.  The Tuckahoe nano-region was pretty nice with the names today.  Plush lives directly across the street from the AO, which is a good way to continue to join us or have to listen to us in the early morning hours outside his house.  We hope to see him out again soon.

So it turns out it wasn’t just one owl in the park.  It sounded like several.  While YHC was doing LBCs, I thought about how easy a target we would be for an owl attack.  They were certainly vocal and wanted their park back.  Perhaps Saab can tell us about his owl encounter sometime.

Nothing much to report on Lindsay other than an overwhelming smell of fruit loops in front of one drive way.  Either we stumbled across a hidden stash of the fine cereal or something else.  After consulting google, Sassafras produces a strong smell similar to fruit loops.  Now we know.

We returned to the AO and came across a refreshed Keymaster.  It was as if he was impervious to the effects of the workout and it showed in the ring of fire and mary.  #showupontimeorbeleftbehind

CSAUP is upon us.  Still not to late to join a team.






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  1. Nice Q as always LJ, welcome to FNG Plush!! What a great album released by STP circa 1992….
    Also, I too was a bit concerned about the multiple noises coming from the woods as the owls clearly were unhappy that we inhabited their territory. Alfie Hitchcock would have loved these ingredients as the stage was neatly set for a bird beatdown!

  2. Well done Lockjaw. I have never been hungrier for a bowl of cereal than after today’s workout. I just couldn’t get froot loops out of my head.

    Hopefully no one ended up washing canine essence out of their hair today.

  3. Nice Q, Lockjaw! Welcome Plush and way to kill it this morning! Keep coming back. Have a great Monday everyone!!

  4. Way to expand the AO Lockjaw. Thought you were taking it easy on our arms then you hit us with the Lindsay Derkins.