Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Saab on the MTA


Six, maybe seven (Saab, Sight-un-Seen), hombres herded onto the trails together for this week’s version of Sunday Funday.  The RTD ran the following story:


South Bank to Reedy Creek.  Pick up Bootleg, who was on the service road.  Continue on Forest Hill Loop.

7 milers re-trace steps on South Bank.

10 milers head east to New Bridge, then back on North Bank.


Good mumble chatter all around today.  YHC signed a non-disclosure agreement, so see the PAX for details.

Sugar Sock continues to make strong progress.  Dropping 25 lbs. in 7 months or so is no joke.  Well done.

Always good to catch up with the regulars…Hardywood, TYA, Shakedown (thanks for your advice while running 10 today).

Nice to pick-up Bootleg along the way.

YHC does wonder about Saab.  Two weeks in a row that the Saab-Mobile has been parked in roughly the same spot at the Pump House lot…no Saab in sight.  YHC wonders whether anyone has seen Saab since last Sunday.

Did he ever return?  No, he never returned?  Is his fate still unlearned?  What a pity.  He may run forever on the trails of Richmond…he’s the man who never returned.

And, someone may have stolen his car between 7 and 9 a.m. today.

Or, maybe he returned.

YHC apologizes to The Kingston Trio.

YHC also apologizes to Lab Rat for taking his thing of apologizing.


Lots of good stuff coming up.  Each Saturday until the Monument Avenue 10k there will continue to be a need for volunteers to help with The Healing Place’s Training Team.  4 miles this Saturday.  The PAX have shown up strong so far…come out and run with the group.   Kudos to Lab Rat for Q-ing the Healing Place warm-up yesterday.

Make sure to pat TYA on the back this week…he’s trying to cram in the last few long training runs prior to Saturday’s 100 miler.  Swirly, Saab, and Circle K round out the support team.

Bel Monte March 10.

CSAUP in April.  Anyone looking for a team?  Lockjaw, Honeydo, Swirly, and some PAX from the Southside all bringing folks together.  Miss anyone?


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  1. Hated to miss everyone. A stacked day and inability to fartsack an extra hour left me on the trails well before 6am, running through a ground-level cloud and almost no visibility.

    Glad I could clear the countless spider-webs for those that followed.

    Saab out (to an undisclosed location)

  2. Appreciate the web clearing. There were still a few at higher altitudes tho.

    Glad I met up with everybody. It was a nice day to be out.

  3. Great to be with you all this morning, was a gorgeous morning for a run. Good luck next weekend, TYA!