Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rain and Rainbows


14 strong ventured out to help YHC with his VQ at the Creek.  It went down like this.

Mosey around the church

COP-7 reps each, IC

SSH     arm circles (small, big and reverso)      Helix squats       Imperial Walkers      LBC’s          Helicopters     Don Quixotes

Mosey to picnic table pavilion for Proper Dora

100 sets:   1 Split Jack        2  2-count Mountain Climbers       3 LBC’s

The PAX crushed this so went into Derkins and Dips, start at 7 reps and work down.

Mosey back to the SH, did a little stretching, and YHC took us out.



This was YHC’s first time Q’ing The Creek, and couldn’t come up with a theme, so asked his 2.0’s for help.  Rainbow suggested “unicorns and rainbows,” and after a search came up with nothing numerical etc. about unicorns, YHC decided that a rainbow having 7 colors would be it.  YHC knows—-very inspiring.  The PAX was very happy this was the number when it came to the Derkins/Dips combo, as 10 might have been fatal after the Dora.  Also very glad the rain had stopped prior to commencement, as YHC is really sick of rain.

Thanks for allowing YHC to lead and try out a new Q, will definitely be back.  Big salute to all the 2.0’s for their work this morning, and to the PAX for the assist when YHC forgot an exercise name (this may become YHC’s trademark).

No Idea



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  1. Great Q No Idea, and watching Rainbow do the workout was excellent and motivating to maximize the you vs. you and everyone benefited. Actually sore this afternoon! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for leading a great workout, both physically and mentally – I found keeping count during Proper Dora to be quite a challenge!