Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

To yawn or not to yawn, that is the question


15 stalwarts posted on a pleasant February morning for some Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

The Thang

Mosey five feet or so to field nearest to the intersection of Grove and Commonwealth for COP.  SSH x 20, LBC x20, arm circles x 15 each side.  Mosey down grove and stop at intersection for 10x Don Quixote.  Mosey to intersection of Grove and Antrim for curb crawls ascending/descending to 5.  Mosey to Reveille church.  Partner up, first partner does dive bomb merkins on the picnic tables and other PAX runs the circle.  Doras with jump squats, merkins, and LBC.  Partner runs backwards to curb and then forward to the pavilion.  Mosey back to MM.  On the way stop at a few intersections for burpees.  Mosey to covered pavilion for 5 minutes of mary – hello dollies, spell “The Yankee Aggressor”, Rosalitas and American Hammers.  Back to the flag and TYA takes us out.


Great to get off campus this morning.  With the 3000 signs now on the MM field, it is crystal clear that the field is now closed.  The stops along the way were to placate some of the PAX who were 1) complaining of missing and exercise, the Don Quixotes , or 2) declaring that they forgot their gloves, curb crawls. Lab rat appropriately pointed out that YHC did a great job of trying to get someone injured or killed this morning.  Lots of exercises in the road or at a busy intersection.  In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea.

Lab rat and Viral had a conversation during the Dora’s this morning. Here is how it went from lab rats perspective.  “Viral, why did you run to the other side of the curb?  Was it to do the old Technicolor yawn”  Viral answers Yes.  Lab rat says “good job pushing yourself so hard to the point of getting yourself sick”  Viral says thanks.  From Viral’s perspective it went like this…..Labrat says something with the words technicolor yawn in it, he has no idea what Labrat is talking about so he just answers yes to be polite.  Lab rat then tells him he appreciates that he works so hard.   Viral thinks, how nice of him to complement me.  Lots of words spoken but no communication at all.  ‘Things were cleared up at lunch today when Labrat said to Viral, I ratted you out for splashing merlot today. Viral vehemently denied and then a 10 minute conversation happened where things were cleared up?  Viral was not at all concerned about the fact that we though he might have splashed…he concern was that we knew so little about him that we thought it would be possible to push himself hard enough to throw up….in his own words “I would neve push myself that hard”

One of the PAX members suggested that the easiest way to spell TYA was “a-s-s-h-o-l-e”.  I won’t mention any names, but it rhymes with “Saab”.  Oops.


Flatlines Dads memorial service is Sunday at Bon Air United Methodist church

Kubota is leading breaking bread this weekend. He could use one more pair of hands…Note this is a great event to have 2.0s help out with.



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  1. Nice Q, TYA! Field trips are becoming commonplace for 45MOM lately. Hopefully next week we can get back on the field. Thanks for partnering up and pushing me this morning, Mr. Holland! Great morning overall in the warmth and humidity!

  2. Yeah, some of those locations were a bit sketchy but I applaud you on the use of the extended AO in order to let Mary’s field heal a bit. Abyss rapey dolphins were legit.

    I’m out in the field today and being a slow learner or maybe just having the time to listen, I just had my first real experience with the podcast today. Last 4 episodes. I’m sure the other guys here must think I’m an idiot walking around occasionally laughing at seemingly nothing… good clean fun. Well done fellas

    Viral – not a safe move going with the “yes” when you don’t understand what Lab Rat is saying. There’s no telling what adventure you might sign yourself up for

  3. I forgot what a beastly Q TYA can deliver….Dive Bomb/Muff-Merkins were a smoker…(Tracy Blecha would have NOT approved.)

    To my choice of alternate spellings for TYA, the word chosen was out of affection if not completely arbitrary. Other options were AWESOME, GROOVY, and TYALOOKSGOODINTIGHTS

  4. Well done on the Q….not getting anybody killed.

    I will take full blame on the miscommunication, though I have to admit just replying “yes” to whatever I had said could get you into some precarious situations…well said, Shakedown!

    “technicolor yawn” is in the urban dictionary, though. Come on y’all, read a book!