Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lap of Shame – Respect


Eight strong gathered on this muggy February morning for a KB challenge. Here is what happened:



COP in field near track:

  • Neck circles IC X 10, then reverso
  • Arm circles IC X 10 small, 5 big, then reverso
  • Hip circles IC X 10, then reverso
  • Squats IC X 20
  • Merkins IC X 15
  • Halos both directions
  • Slingshots both directions
  • Figure-eights both directions


Elevens across the track. Exercises were one-arm swings (complete with each arm for a set) and two-count crab cakes.


Dueling Kettlebells:

Two PAX attempt snatches AMRAP while one PAX runs a lap. Winner takes on next challenger while loser runs a “lap of shame” followed by 10 KB burpees. PAX waiting for their turn in the ring alternate variations of plank and people chair.


After snatches we got through a couple rounds of Turkish get ups.


Mosey back toward VF while performing KB lunge variations.


Five minutes of stretching.


Numberama, Nameorama, Spit took us out.



What an honor to lead this group of men.

Great job, everyone, pushing through the 11s. Considering the groaning, comments about graceless crab cakes, and complaints of sore body parts, YHC thinks this was a challenge.

The PAX was on top of their mental game today as they somehow deciphered YHC’s less-than-optimal instructions for the Dueling KB. While the rule of you-against-you remains, YHC hoped a bit of friendly competition would help push us. Kudos to Spit, Chewie, Emoji and Mud Face for staying in the ring through multiple rounds. (Please correct YHC if he missed any other victors.) Chewie can crank out some snatches! Everyone worked hard, and there was certainly no shame in those laps.


As usual YHC appreciates the Pax forbearing some stretching at the end.



Training continues for Colonial 200. Good luck, Spit, and all you other crazies participating in that!


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  1. Thanks for your leadership this morning. I was already tired before I started. This just about did me in. Thanks for the stretching at the end!

  2. Helix great to have you back on the Q sheet. That was smoker dude! Glad Emoji step it up during the Lap of Shame. Three rounds of snatches! Awesome to see Chewy back out even if Mudface made him a LIFO.