Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Knocking the Dust off Aisle 5 – or – Clean up Aisle 5


5 soldiers converged on SOT for an SOJ beatdown on a balmy 63 degree February morning. It felt 70 and sunny and the beatdown went something like this:


Quick SSH in parking lot

Mosey to track for Long COP
Run a lap, DQs, Run a lap (75% speed at first straightaway), Russian Soldiers, Run a lap (83% speed at first straightaway), plank-o-rama, Hello Dollies, Run a lap (100% speed at first straightaway), longer plank-o-rama, merkins, Run half a lap to bleachers

Chiabatta – Step ups

Mosey down to base of hill up to tennis courts

Bearway to Heaven – bear crawl up, 1 burpee, run back – repeato up to 5 burps, repeat 5, then come back down

Plank-and-go-Seek – like a Ring of Fire – PAX planks or holds 30 inches while 1 member runs to touch the fence and comes back.

Mosey back to bleachers
Chiabatta – Muscle ups & dips

Mosey back to VSF
1 min of American Hammers

COT – Roscoe took us out

Naked Moleskin
Simple yet effective. 2.2 miles inbetween.

Roscoe was in good spirits after closing on his house in Powhatan. Congratulations!

Aisle 5 posted for his first 2018 F3 workout…and plans to bring his 2.0 more soon and more regularly. TClaps for busting a gut to keep up with the PAX.

YHC was hoping to see Jville out…and the New Market crew…and Wilson…maybe next time.


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  1. Great Q on the fly DK – like yesterday: simple but very effective. Thought the Bearway would never end!

    Great to see Aisle 5 out today. Now, we just need to reunite Aisle 5 and Wilson again in the Gloom…

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