Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two Years


18 strong attacked No Toll this morning and here is how it went down.

Mossy to the field for COP : SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s

Partner Up : partner 1 run the filed and back – partner 2 begin exercises. 3 exercises complete as a team. 300 dips, 200 incline merkins, 100 decline merkins.

Mossy – Partner Up: 3 sets of 10 BoYah Merkins and 3 sets of  10 pole smokers.

Indian Run – across all of the fields over to the tennis court.

Tennis Court : Partner up – Wheelbarrow baseline to baseline switch it up – 2 times each.

Burppee Shuffle :  1 burpee each pax member around the circle while shuffling feet.

Ring of Fire : 10 hand release merkins – pax holds plank position

Mary : Cross leg Lifts , APD’s – 6 inches

The scoop : YHC realized this morning on the way to the AO that it had been almost 2 years since Qing No Toll. Hard to believe it’s been that long… It has been great to be back @ No Toll over the last month. Thanks to the pax for allowing YHC to lead this morning it was a pleasure.. YHC is not fancy with his Q’s – YHC simply just goes right at it – not alot of flair or special  themes to go along with the workout – so it may not be as entertaining as some other Q’s but hopefully the pax was glad they came out this morning because they got themselves a workout !!

Great to see 18 out at No Toll…. Let’s follow DK’s lead and reach out to some of the guys we have not seen in a while and encourage them to get back out there.. Let’s continue to keep our brother Flatline in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Remember to sign up for the CSAUP… If your interested in helping with Breaking bread – get with Kubota – he’s got the lead on the next one. If you are interested in helping with The healing place run after Dogpile  – check with Honeydo, or Upchuck..

Thanks to Flashdance for taking us out today. Great work guys way to push – feeling it in my shoulders!!!

See y’all in the gloom….


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  1. Awesome Q, Swirly! Thanks for making my first visit to No Toll memorable. The cadence on your 50 four-count 6 inches was stellar. I felt like I was in the military! Great morning all around except for the niut who knocked the shovel flag down!

  2. It’s good to have you back at NoToll Swirly, even if it means I am unable to use my arms today. And welcome to the fields of NoToll to Kubota.

  3. A Good Old Fashion Swirly Shoulder Smokefest…Classic. Great to have you back at the helm at NoToll – don’t let it be 2 years until the next one.

    Great to have such a large PAX again and to have some West End / Tuckahoe brothers slum it SOJ for the morning.

    Great job guys!

  4. Here’s how my day is going so far “Alexa, please text Swirly and tell him my arms don’t work and he needs to come wipe me.”

    My arms are thrashed and spirits are high. Thanks for the beatdown and awesome to see a solid crew at No Toll.

    Welcome FNG Wilson and the pervert who showed up late looking like a cat burglar.

  5. Great Q…though I still think you should have been named Flange.
    Another shoulder-tastic F3RVA outing…

  6. Wow. So much hurt. The 50 count “6 inches” at the end was epic. The cadence, the fact that we were completely smoked before starting it, etc etc. When Swirly didn’t alter the cadence at 10, I thought ok 15. At 15, I thought, ok 20. 25? As he went into the 30’s, past 35, my mind wandered to some warm white-sand beach somewhere with blue-green water.
    But I held that dang 50 count leg raise. Great Q, and, way to push us Swirly!

  7. Slurpee your a beast on the wheelbarrow! Swirly, you never disappoint! Great workout. Great to be back out there! Hardywood – you can give me a hard time, but your still my spirit animal! See ya in the gloom fellas.