Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Name That Route


9 runners of the two legged variety and 1 four legged canine runner embraced spring like weather for a run.

We did the nameless route that we did a couple of weeks ago when it snowed.  Today we did it in reverse.

Here is the 5 mile variation of the route.  Six milers swing out to Marv’s house for a more true figure 8.

Marv took us out.


Spring was in the air today not only in temperature, but with a chorus of frogs singing along the canal.  Speaking of creatures with habits, there was another Keymaster sighting about a tenth of a mile from where we saw him the other time we did this route.  Tuesday at this time, you can set your watch to Keymaster.  When we called out this time, he did reply quickly and clearly.  Now he just needs to explain to his other workout group what a Keymaster and Lockjaw are and what F3 is.

Post race conversation centered around CSAUP planning and motivational aides for running.  Among other things, part of RP’s strategy is to let Kenya run most of the CSAUP.  The trick is to lay dog biscuits along the route and at all turns, because you know dogs can’t read maps.  At least, not very well.

Finally, this route needs a name.  Ziontown, Old Westham, and Kanawha jump out to YHC as route names.  Or perhaps we focus on where Keymaster is from in Ghostbusters since we always seem him here: Gozer.  Pax, go ahead and name it in the comments.

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  1. Nice route Lockjaw. My vote is Greek Letters.

    Saab’s elation was contagious this morning. Turns out he is a closet Howie Mandel fan.

  2. I am at a loss for naming right now. I am still quite disturbed over Splinter and TYA’s plans to use performance-enhancing suppositories on their CSAUP runners…

  3. True story but to clarify, I was offering suggestions to RP.

    Tuckahoe is explicitly in the suppository-free zone. Lockjaw does not tolerate any sort of doping.

  4. As they say down in the SEC, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’. Whatever it takes to win.

  5. No doping for Team Lockjaw for sure. No cheating of any kind.

    Big Data, can you remind me how to spell Jeff’s last name?

    Is it Galooley or Gillooley or Gilolley? Anyone have a current email address for him?