Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

70 Percent Chance of Rain?


7 PAX braved the rain for a sloppy beatdown that went something like this:

THE THANG.  Mosey to the blacktop for COP.  Hammer Dances, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers, Mariah Careys, V-Ups x20 IC.

Mosey to the wall next to the gym for triple check.  Walk-Ups, Gas Pumps, and lap around the blacktop.

Mosey back to the blacktop for two rounds of Touch-A-Bench.  In Round 1, one PAX finds three benches and performs 1, 2, and 3 Box Jump Burpees while the other PAX does 12-count Clockwork Lunges, then flip flop.  In Round 2, one PAX finds three new benches and/or swings and performs 5 Derkins while the other PAX does 12-count Clockwork Lunges, then flip flop.

Mosey to the lower playground for an incline/decline Curb Crawl.  Bear Crawl down hill and Crawl Bear up hill, perform Merkins up to 5 then back to 1.

Mosey to the bottom of Lindsay Court and pair up.  One PAX performs exercises while the other runs 4 driveways ahead and runs back, then flip flop.  Exercises were Walk-Up Merkins, Backward Broad Jumps/Ankle-Breakers, Crab Walk.

Two count from Two Can and mosey back to the bus loop for some Mary.  20 American Hammers IC, then 49 Reverse Crunches IC.  COT

NMM. YHC heard there was a 70% chance of rain on the way to the AO, and on the way home, heard there was a 90% chance.  PAX arrived home with solid evidence that the actual number is about 10 points north.

Toucan mentioned that he is participating in Run Ranger Run: https://www.runrangerrun.com/Pretty cool.  YHC thinks TYA could compete with some of the team totals.  Too bad our early moseys were of the Gridiron variety.

Good to see Goldberg.  YHC thinks he heard Goldberg mention he posted to Punisher in the gloom for a solo beatdown.  Respect.  Hope to see you at Hoedown more often.

YHC snatched the Q from Upchuck at 5:29, but somehow he took it back at 6:14 for 49 reverse crunches.  Let it go!

Continued prayers to PAX grieving the loss of family members including Flatline and Lockjaw.



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  1. Nice Q Offshore. Mariah Carey’s are a legitimate exercise. It was nice to finish off with the 49 2 count Reverse Crunches. Shame Lockjaw wasn’t there to enjoy it.

  2. Great Q, Offshore! It’s nice that we added muddy hand prints on the same wall where there are still muddy foot prints from Donkey Kicks a couple weeks ago! I’m sure the TES art teacher is impressed with our mural that we started. Maybe we can finish it off with some upright APD’s.

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