Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another Mudder


Nine hard chargers (seven in one pack plus TYA (spotted) plus Saab (Sight Un-Seen, but Saab-mobile left on-site) pushed forward through the steam and fog of another Sloppy Sunday Funday Run.  The group generally stayed off the trails this morning.  Some were under heavy puddles, some muddy, and some slightly above navigable.  The Russians hackers tracking our FitBit GPS signals recorded something like this:

Cross Nichol Bridge, descend to service road, dodge puddles, rocks, and mud, take a left onto Belle Isle, left to follow the loop, cross onto north bank, New Bridge, steps to top, and Riverside Drive back.  One slight detour on Riverside as the PAX pushed themselves up the “real” Hillcrest of Richmond (the vertical climb version).  Snake around on Riverside to Westover Hills Blvd., and then cross the Nichol B. back to the VSF.

Number-ama, Name-a-rama, Hardywood stuck the landing to take us out.

No one signed up for the Q today, and while Shakedown continues to be the master of the Sunday Funday route department, there was unanimity among the PAX to declare that YHC still has the Q from the end of Dogpile yesterday.  Challenge accepted.

Note: the Q will officially pass at 5:29 a.m. tomorrow to Offshore at Hoedown, as well as to any other PAX members signed up at that time.  Having had the Q for 28 hours at this point, YHC has newfound respect for the Olympic Torch runners who carry the flame of honor for hours on end.

Hardywood, Rosie, and Offshore led the PAX for most of the way, followed by Flatline and Shakedown.  YHC thanks HoneyDo for another Sunday trudging along with YHC.  Much appreciated, brother.  

The group was full of mumblechatter today.  Discussions of angry coaching, Shakedown’s exceptional photography, various career options, extorting greedy employers, 6th-grade-is-the-new-11th-grade, and other matters made the 8+ miles pass in a jiffy.  About halfway through the run, the PAX sighted TYA on Belle Isle and immediately engaged in the centuries-old tradition of “Touch-a-TYA.”  That’s the price of fame, my friend.  Everybody wants a piece.

YHC also thanks the PAX who had an extra few minutes for ETs today.  Y’all are funny, funny men.

Let’s continue to keep our Brothers and their families in their prayers.  It’s been a challenging winter for many of our PAX.  This week, Lockjaw (father-in-law) and Flatline (Father) each lost close family members.  Let’s keep them in our hearts and prayers, and be ready to offer a hand when needed.



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  1. To F3 RVA- This morning began with the dawn of a new stage in my life. I lost my father on Saturday. So many emotions and as I saw the sunrise with fellow PAX members, I knew my dad was in a better place. What we do, how we do it, and the relationships I have formed with all you men is a true gift and extremely special blessing from God. Thank you for all of THIS and your support!!
    Loud and Proud!!

  2. Best to Flatline and your family. Peace brother.

    Although Saab was not sighted, he now surmises he may have sighted the PAX from the upper-end of the buttermilk – as he was headed in the direction of the new-bridge. (As he later informed TYA, trails were muddy but somewhat manageable…)

    Speaking of TYA, since the BRR I learned to be cautious when approaching him when positioned alone in an automobile. Scantily clad he was, I reminded him of the neighborhood public decency laws (which I’m certain there are a few).

  3. Thanks for the run and the miles today fellas. Felt like I was chasing Offshore up all the hills. So sorry for your loss Flatline. You are a good man and your family is beyond lucky to have a leader like you.

    Also, I’m 100% it’s not Nichol Bridge.

    Keep it pager friendly this week my friends.