Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nutz to Nutz


25 warriors came out for Lockjaw’s 2nd Carillon beat down of the week.  This is what transpired more or less.

Mosey to the far circle for COP:

  • Russian Soldiers
  • Helicopters
  • Don Quixote
  • Imperial Walkers
  • SSH
  • LBC

Mosey back to the Rusty Cage for 7-11s:

  • 7 wide grip pull ups and then 11 dips – three times through
  • 7 dive bombers and then 11 partner assisted bicep curls – three times through
  • 7 regular pull ups and then 11 Captain Thors – three times through

Mosey to the large field in front of the Carillon and establish a large circle.  Bear crawl counterclockwise and perform merkins of the appropriate amount on the clock face – 3, 6, 9, and 12 while bear crawling in between.

Line up for indigenous people pole smoker run.  Pax on end does 6 heels to heaven while the rest of the Pax holds 6 inches or at 90 degrees.

Make the trek down Love Hill and partner up.  Partner 1 runs to the top of the hill while the other partner does lunges.  Swap roles.  Next exercise was broad jump burpees and then polar bears until the Pax reaches the top.

Partner up with someone of appropriate size.  Partner carry to the top of the embankment, jog down and repeat with different roles.

Mosey back to the SF and circle up for some Mary.  YHC borrowed a tennis ball from the dog park and threw to Saab who ordered up some Rosalitas.  The ball was passed to Flipper, when Upchuck cut him off and led reverse crunches in such abundance that YHC called it at 7am to do COP.  Upchuck does not like sharing with others.  🙂

Labrat took us out.


With a group this size, there is always some mumble chatter.  Rusty cage produced most of it, including this backblast’s title.  Fudd and I were face to face on the dip bars when he shouted “nuts to nuts”.  YHC is glad he didn’t inch his way closer for that set.  Dive Bombers made their repeat appearance and once again required a demo as well as various alternative nomenclature to convey the concept.  “Muffin Diver” seemed to resonate with Saab for some reason.  Must have been the name of the boat where he took SCUBA lessons.

Fellowship at ETs was great as usual with a wide variety of topics in conversation.  TYA, Bleeder, and Gomer Pyle joined us.  Great to see our Pax on the mend come out for coffee and conversation.


  • Who has HDHH this month?  That would be this coming Wednesday.  Some talk of doing another brewery run.

Always Be Tapering,



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  1. Great Q, Lockjaw! I bet it’s hard Q’ing the same AO twice in four days, but you made it look easy! Especially this week. I had a lot of fun and laughs this morning, especially during Upchuck’s takeover. Great partnering with you, Rosie, Garbage Plate and Fudd! Way to work and thanks for pushing me! ET’s was also fun. Have a great weekend!

  2. Haven’t laughed that hard for some time. Thanks to Offshore for critiquing my “wide-grip” pullups, and to Phonics for being comparable weight during the partner carries. Apologies for not being able to properly throw a ball.

    I think the term you were searching for is “Muff Diver”…in the parlance of our times. (One can declare “Muffin” – if you are not into the whole brevity thing.)

  3. Yeah, keeping the rating PG since flatline’s 2.0 was in attendance and may want to read about today’s misadventures. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Thanks! And no repeated exercises, which is a testimony to how great an Ao it is. An hour and forty-five and still have plenty of options.

  5. Great Q Lockjaw! That was a lot of fun. I felt it was not uncalled for to point out our relative positions on the dip bars this morning, as we were not “danger close” (about 4 ft apart). Observations during the rest of the rotation revealed “nutz to butz” positions for other members of the PAX with less distance between them. Saab, perhaps dip bar distance courtesy should be a topic on the next #F3RVA podcast?

    The funniest for me was the partner assisted bicep curls. Watching PAX members holding hands, facing each other, and grunting excessively was a sight I won’t soon forget!

  6. Given Lockjaw’s interest to keep it PG, I propose we dub that exercise the “Two Handed Butter Churn”…No chance of confusion with that.

  7. Solid workout today, fellas. The “2-handed curls” (or, would Boot Leg calls those “four-handed curls?”) were certainly a moment…nothing like staring into the eyes of a man named “Viral.”

    Worth calling out the Q on one point. But, before that, Saab has an appointment next week at Dr. Flipper’s. The knees are a known point of risk…what’s up with the arm, brother? Time to get you some innings in Spring Training.

    Indeed, UpChuck did pick up the Q, albeit via a tennis ball tossed into the abyss. Mumblechatter ensued between Flipper and Hardywood with an accusation of “claim jumping” combined with “What is this? 1849?” Hey, someone calls out the Q with a ’49er reference, the PAX does 49 reps. Respect the Q. Where’s OBT when we need him?

    From there, Lockjaw led an Insurrection, and Lab Rat appeared unannounced out of The Gloom.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

    PAX exit stage left. Curtain fall.