Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mega Beast


YHC was joined by 2 powerful men to greet this warm February morning.  Honeymoon was promised some mileage if he posted at TwinTeam instead of RAMM so off we went, need to get those CSAUP miles in.

Mosey across the wet field to the front of the track entrance.  Stop for a quick warm-up, YHC tried Shakedown’s method of just starting cadence without naming the exercise and Gumbo nailed SSH to start, not much mystery there.  Add some DQ and IW

To the track for the Mega Beast – run 100 yds – 6 reps, another 100 – 6 reps, another 100 6 reps, run final 100 to the start then reverse.  Just like the beast but with 100 yd runs instead of 25 yds. 1/2 mile per round.  Exercises were merkins, squats, Freddie Mercury, Mountain climbers, Carolina dry docks and cross leg lift (alternate legs).   A little time left to mosey around to the playground and complete one standard round of the Murph – 10 pullups, 20 merkins, 30 squats.  Mosey the long way around the school with a bonus lap around the cars to round off the 4 total miles.


Great to be joined by Honeymoon and Gumbo this morning.  They crushed the mileage, and as Gumbo mentioned as we finished up, that’s a new version of 5K the Hard Way (minus the last 0.1 mile).  To go along with The Carpenter’s Chinese Year of the Dog theme at The Creek today, Honeymoon nicknamed this one the Super Bitch.  I don’t know when the last time I got 4 miles at a boot camp was, possibly an Old Glory?  Unfortunately some weather related EH’s didn’t pan out but hopefully this taste of warm weather will open up the EHing and hibernators.  We thought we had a rogue short bus driver joining us since he parked awkwardly behind Gumbo but he stayed in the bus as we left the parking lot.  Maybe another day.

I always appreciate the opportunity to get out and lead, along with the opportunities we are all given each day to enjoy our family and friends.

Have a great day.  Everything is coming up Rosie.


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  1. Wow, the Beast on steroids was a killer. Great to get some miles in along with the regular pain stations. Closing out with a single round of the Murph was the cherry on top of this Mega sundae. Well done, Rosie, this one will return for sure!