Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wheelbarrows, Indian Run, and Bear Crawls!


13 Strong resisted the Fartsack this morning to come out for some fun!  Here’s how it went down:

-Mosey around the block


Side Straddle Hop X 15

Merkins X 10

Flutter Kicks X 15

LBC’s X 15

Partner up for Wheelbarrows heading south to the end of the school building, followed by 10 burpees, plank up.

Mosey to the black top for triple check:  Bear Crawl to fence, run back.  P2 Flutter Kicks, P3 Balls to the Wall.

Indian Runs around the block:  Q throws out PAX member name, Pax member chooses 1 exercise X 20 eaches.  Hardywood (Hand release Merkins, 10 with Right leg up, 10 w left leg up), Wedding Singer (Mtn. Climbers, 2 count), DK (Monkey Humpers), Kubota (Captain Thor’s/Catholic Doors, right Keymaster?)

Mosey back to South End of school:  Wheelbarrows heading North this time, half way switch to bear crawl

Mosey to the Blacktop:  Bear Crawl Race to the fence and sprint back (Hardywood to the gold medal).

Back to Flag, Ring of Fire, Numberama, Names, YHC took us out (thanks for the well wishes guys)!


What a great way to start this Thursday, YHC appreciated the opportunity to lead 45MOM for the first time!

Enjoyed working with BT, Wedding Singer, DK (not spit, sorry about that dude), and Swirly.

Catholic Doors will keep me laughing all day long Kubota, good one man!!!  You guys have a great day!


Lockjaw = Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers (after his father-in-law passed two days ago).

Fudd = Likewise, please keep his sister and family in your thoughts and prayers….



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Slurppee. Way to push guys. Respect to DK and Hardywood on those wheelbarrows… Great to see Olivander out there today ..
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time Slurppee as well as –
    Continued thoughts and prayers go out to Lockjaw and his family and Fudd and family.
    The F3 COT surrounds us all and for that I give thanks !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. As always, another great Slurpee-Q! I particularly liked the Indigenous Persons run with a twist. Next time we need to time it so that the Monkey Humpers are done under a street light by Cary Street! Way to work guys! Off to rest my shoulders!

  3. Shoulder-tastic Q, Slurpee!
    When you called the 2nd instance of the wheelbarrow I thought it would be the first F3RVA mutiny since Flashdance called for 750 squat jumps…

  4. Dear Slurpee,
    What the hell?! Who do you think you are? We had things to do today, like move those things around that are attached to me called arms so we could swing a golf club, or feed my friend mouth, or type an email. Instead, we’re useless. You suck!
    BT’s Shoulders

    But seriously, nice beat down. I’m smoked!

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