Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wait, what?


11 samurais of the gloom posted at No Toll this morning for a Shakedown ground and pound.


Arm Circles x 10 small 5 big forward/backward

Windmills x 10

Russian soldiers x 10

SSH x 15

Merkins (Pax had to guess) x 10

LBC x 10


Long wet mosey around the back field and back to the dry parking lot


7 minutes of 10 copperhead squat, 10 V-ups, 10 Hurpees

3 minutes “rest”: Wilson’s wife, Fudd’s wife, lunge stretch 2xper leg

7 minutes of 10 2-count lunge, 10 2-count mountain climber, 10 Merkin


long mosey around other field and back to the parking lot

4 corners: 10 merkins, 10 copperhead squat, 10 Burpee, 10 jump squat, over the pile of mulch x3


Back to the flag for an American Hammer ring of fire, Rosalitas, and WW2s

CSAUP – you are signed up so so figure out what team you are on

Wheelbarrow took us out


Lots of laughs and mumblchatter this morning directed at my inability to count cadence, remember what I’m doing, and all that – add in a text from home about a sick kid (only had my phone as a timer – good timing ) and you had a distracted Q this morning.  Contrary to several questions, this was not my first time… lol

Good times with good men – thanks guys




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  1. Great time for a ground and pound – nice work Shakedown. You weathered the mumblechatter that nearly overtook COP and dished out some good old fashioned grunt work this morning to a rowdy crowd. Always great to get in some laughs, some sweat, some pain and some fellowship all before the sun comes up.

    And remember guys, it’s always a good time for a tickle!

  2. Thanks for leading today always some good jokes to go around!!! hope your kids don’t have the flu!!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good times indeed – way to work guys – thanks for leading Shakedown !
    See y’all in the gloom..,.

  4. Way to step up and lead Shakedown, things don’t always go as planned and you pushed through the COP chatter today. Glad you had the weinke, haven’t seen one of those in a while. I like the choose your own exercise option in the COP, just start counting and see what everyone does.

  5. LOL – yeah, that was great. I learned to keep on leading through mumblechatter by being a Cub Scout leader – those guys are worse than y’all and are less forgive of mistakes

    Brennan is negative for Flu – best news all day

  6. Way to roll Shakedown. Kudos to you for a great Q and way to hang tough through the mumblechatter.

    As for the mumblechatter, it was as I lay on my back in a wet parking lot that I realized how very lucky I am to laugh so hard first thing in the morning. It’s hard not to have a great day after that. Thanks for setting the tone Shakedown.

    Have a great day fellas.

  7. Nice Q, Shakedown. I was gassed after that first 7 min AMRAP. NoToll was as hilarious as usual!
    The mulch climb was a nice touch. It’s always a good time for a tickle.