Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Asphalt and Concrete Only



16 pre-dawn warriors decided that the comfort of the fartsack was no match for the determination and dedication of bettering themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

This is what went down:


Helicopters x 15

Don Q’s x 10 (Saab speed)

SSH x 20

Russian Soldiers x 10

Imperial Walkers x 10

Merkins x10

Crab cakes x10

LBC’s x 10



Four Corners on the Asphalt Abyss

1st corner: 2 count Freddie Mercuries

carioke to…

2nd corner: Burpees

broad jump to…

3rd corner: Jump Squats

carioke to…

4th corner: WW2 sit-ups

broad jump back to 1st corner

3 rounds @ 10 reps/20 reps/30 reps each except Burpees (5/10/15)

Plank-o-rama for the six.


Mosey to Asphalt Hill for…

Jacob’s Ladder with Clockwork Merkins

Bear Crawl up to top of hill and perform 1 merkin at one o’clock

Crawl Bear down to bottom and perform 2 merkins at two o’clock

Repeat all the way to twelve o’clock.

Al Gore when finished


Mosey to cafeteria wall for Triple Check

Partner one does Dwight Howards on wall

Partner two does LBC’s on concrete

Partner three runs the bus loop

Three Rounds


People’s chair to wait for the six

BTTW, then 10 Chicken Peckers OYO, then BTTW for a nice slow 10 count from Wedding Singer



Hello Dollies

Heels to Heaven


Hold six inches for a 20 count



Merkin Ring of Fire

5 Burpees OYO




YHC took us out with a prayer of thanksgiving for this day and for the brothers of F3.  Lifted up the families of Fudd, Lockjaw, Sippy Cup and Circle K.



YHC started to get worried about the condition of the AO right after Dogpile Saturday when the current monsoon that we are having began.  YHC and Lowery (not an F3 name), YHC’s faithful four-legged 2.0, moseyed up to the AO on Sunday afternoon during a break in the weather.  The field was only suitable for Labradors that love to swim!  YHC had some exercises planned for the field using his BIG CONES, but other plans had to be made.

16 is one PAX short of tying the record at Hoedown.

Slurpee and YHC showed up early to the AO because of YHC’s anxiety with EF Hutton already there and ready to go.  Then the cars started rolling in.  I had been expecting a small group and what I got was a large one.  Never underestimate the dedication of your fellow PAX!!

YHC’s cheap timekeeping device stopped working during Mary and a guess was made after Mary was over that it was 6:15.  YHC called out Number-rama and was quickly told that we had 5 minutes left.  Thus, the Merkin ring-of-fire and Burpees.  YHC also learned that when you Q, 45 minutes seems like an hour!

YHC was relaxing on his couch Sunday evening when all of a sudden the Tweets came in!  A couple of the PAX(Honeydo and Splinter) tweeted that YHC would have a hard time sleeping last night and that he would be practicing the workout in his head all night.  YHC actually slept well until 3:45am when he woke up and laid there not wanting to miss the alarm clock.

YHC would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement!  I had a great time and will be putting my name on the Q sheet today for future workouts!  I also want to thank Keymaster for getting me involved in my first F3 workout in October, but it is the rest of you that have kept me coming back!!

Have a great Monday!!








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  1. For a VQ you nailed it like a pro – absent the premature finish of course…(although that can be expected for one’s first time at bat I suppose). You also introduced a few new items that I’m sure will show up again

    Kubota could give lessons on how to start a COP: Helicopters, to DQ’s, and THEN to SSH’s…now that is a proper warmup.

    Hope Gomer’s ankle is doing ok.

  2. Awesome VQ buddy, definitely nailed it!! Loved the bear crawls, crawl bears w Merkins, arms and shoulders are smoked!

    Look forward to many more Kubota Q’s, well done man!

  3. Solid VQ Kubota. Great to see 16 pax out! I thought your clockwork merkin call was easy to understand. Sad to see no “Dong release” exercises in your VQ but guess since Splinter wasn’t there that makes sense…

  4. Solid looking VQ, Kubota. Well done!

    Sleep deprivation and loss of time are common symptoms of the VQ. There’s a pill for that – the DRP with regular side of Q.

    Look forward to enduring a Kubota Q soon.

  5. Thanks for the concern gentlemen. Did not swell up terribly – but I had ice on it today. Will give it another day and get it checked out.

    Leg raise merkins and abs here I come!

  6. Kubota – Great Q this AM. Just like an old pro with a solid beat down. Good use of the terrain and cadence was solid. Looking forward to more!

    Gomer, hope the ankle is ok and you are back on the streets soon.

  7. Good job!

    I remember way back to a few weeks ago when I did my first Q.

    I spent a lot of time preparing the opening routine and memorizing it. Then went to bed.

    About 2am I woke up and thought “crap! That’s only half the workout!”

    I perused the Exicon for some ideas and then got another hour or so of sleep. Drifting off to ponderous thoughts like “Isn’t a four count merkin the same as two merkins?”

  8. Hated to miss this one Kubota but I had an early meeting in Baltimore. Sounds like you crushed your first Q, which is no surprise. Great job brother!! Hope to see you in the gloom soon.

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