Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

70 and Rainy


4 strong posted @ Batteau this morning and here is how it went down.

COP: SSH’s, Windmills, IW’s, RS’s

4 Loops: run loop while others do exercises which included – WW11’s, regular planks, and elbow planks, Flutter kicks, squats, LT. Dans.

Arms:  5 pull ups, 10 incline merkins 15 dips – 4 sets.

Indian Run around the front side of the park back to the circle.

Curb Crawl : 1-5 ladder and back down. bear crawl to the curb incline merkin – crawl bear back decline merkin .

Partner Leg toss : 3 sets of 20

Tennis Court:  10 hand release merkins – lunge across to the fence – 10 donkey kicks run back – plank.  10 wide spread merkins high knees across to fence 10 donkey kicks run back – plank. 10 close grip merkins karaoke across to fence 10 donkey kicks run back 10 regular merkins .

Mary : cross leg lifts – APD’s LBC’s.

The mumble chatter this morning revolved around how nice and warm it was this morning – think we are all ready for spring/summer….  Been awhile since we sweated like that … Great work guys..

Lot’s of folks within our F3 family continue to be  in our thoughts and prayers.

Hardywood took us out>

See y’all in the gloom…



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  1. Thanks for the beat down Swirly. Great start to the week.

    Mondays feel like a natural day to slack especially when it’s raining. Knowing regulars will be there and Sippy will be banging on my door keeps me focused and moving forward.

  2. Good job guys! I was looking forward to the warm temps – my wife informed me that my alarm went off this morning and I turned it off…I have no memory of it! Sorry to miss this one, see you gents later in the week.

  3. I set 2-3 alarms on my phone, use a sleep analyzer/alarm app, and now I have Alexa setting an alarm as well.

    Now I am USUALLY able to get myself moving!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I sleep with one eye open one leg out of the covers and just get up – yep not normal I know – but you want me on that wall you need me on that wall !!!!!

  5. Swirly is always ready to jump… for the rest of us, multiple alarms and the accountability of an F3 brother waiting in the driveway or at the door makes it happen. #whateverittakestopost

  6. Great Q Swirly. Much like my M’s chili, this had a little bit of everything in it.

    I 100% second Bootleg’s sentiment. It is awesome to know there will be someone waiting in the gloom.

    Thank you fellas!