Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Soggy Sunday


7 bravely ignored the forecast this morning and made it out to Sunday Funday (70, and not raining so close enough to sunny) though not all at the same time. YHC signed up last night in what may be the beginning of a tradition Qing soggy Sundays.

7:00 came and went but YHC must have misunderstood Gomer Pyle and he expected to see him this morning. Hearing and comprehension aren’t his strongest attributes. More surprising was the absence of Saab. Unprecedented. In any case by 7:02 five of us headed out for the route – across the bridge, up the access road, left turn around the west side of Belle Isle, back across the T-Pot and up up up Riverside Dr. for approx 8.3 miles.

Bootleg cut straight across and then ran the access road back to Reedy Creek entrance and jumped on Riverside.

TYA – the mile slaying warrior – was spotted and joined the main pack of the Pax for a bit before continuing his long run.

Lola appeared out of nowhere headed the wrong way – he happily joined us for the rest of our run

YHC is grateful for the good conversations with Upchuck, Offshore, Whistleblower and Lola on the run and the post run conversations with Bootleg (happy to see this road warrior becoming a Sunday Funday regular) and TYA (this maniac is beginning his taper towards a 100 mile run!!!) and was sorry to miss the continued 2nd F he assumes took place after his exit

if there were announcements they are not remembered  YHC took us out

Thanks y’all – Sunday mornings might just be my favorite

I’m sure I missed something- please remind me in the comments.


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  1. Agreed, Sundays are the best! I’ll be back at the runs as soon as my body will cooperate, but have been digging the fire road rides with No Tools.


  2. Nice Q, and nice run. I hope your pictures of the fog over the river turn out. What a neat sight.

    How about the crazy temperatures today? Every 20 yards we would hit a new thermal layer…65 then 45 then 65 then 45.

    Saab once was lost, but now is Starsky. Good time at ETs with Saab, TYA, and Lola with a cameo from Bleeder.

  3. Yet nor losing your mind Shakedown. I did HC and was really looking forward to getting out there .

    The transformers on three chopt blew up at 455a and we without power with 2.0 scheduled to acolyte at 815. I could tell that today was not the day to let my M show her survival skills.