Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Unfinished business


25 came out to play before the rains came at Dogpile. Here is what happened before Swirly said verbatim:  “I like the Penis” at the end:

COP – Modified disclaimer, Imaginary JumpRope, Merkins, Helicopter, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Scorpion kicks

Head back to Amphitheater – Self-destruction (finish up to the end after audible last week) –  Increase all the way up steps:  SSH, V-Up, and Merkins.  Head down to Rusty Cage:  4 Sets of 5 Pull-Ups & 10 Dips.

Back up to Amphitheater field for Human Centipede. Then PAX stays split each group goes to COP circles on side of Carillon.  2 Burpees, run to other circle then 4 burpees, all the way up to 10 Burpees.  Back to field – Sprint across and back, with some burpees thrown in for Wilson.  Partner up for 4 sets of 20 PLTS each man.

Finish up with Honeymoon Suite and back to the flag and Swirly took us out.

NMS – YHC knows how much it must have bothered Circle K that the PAX ran out of time on the full Self-Destruction last Dogpile.  That was a great way to start and also eat up a good chunk of time.  It also kills any mumblechatter quickly.  PAX who were not there last week, like EF Hutton, were left to learn how to do a V-Up.  YHC was not about to attempt a proper V-Up demo and the PAX figured out there is a lot of flailing on the ground required.

Good to get in some more Dips at the Rusty Cage.   The Human Centipede may work best with a smaller PAX as even splitting up to 12 man groups is a long way to hop.  Also good to see Wilson back in the Gloom, maybe some of the New Market taunts on recent BBs are working?

Lab Rat and Marmaduke were talking Great Danes as Lab Rat is in the market for a small horse, maybe to mill his grains for his homebrew needs.  Too much infantile mumblechatter in the Honeymoon Suite to even mention although to clarify this is not where Swirly said “I like the Penis”

Annoucements – CSAUP upcoming – sign up for a team. Kubota has his VQ on Monday at Hoedown.  New Dogpile T-shirt orders coming.

Prayers for Fudd’s sister and their family.


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  1. Great job, Honey Do! Way to kill those PLT’s, Bootleg! I enjoyed watching the Saab trio conduct PLT’s! Praying for you and your family, Fudd.

  2. Great beatdown Honey Do. I don’t think I have worked the abs and arms like that in a while.

    It was great to partner up with the Birthday boy today on the PLT. Way to push it Wilson! Sorry you thought we were done after 2 sets each.

    Happy Birthday old man!!

  3. Great Q Honeydo! Everything is smoked. Congrats to Saab for publicly doubling up today. Proud of you of sir. Have a great weekend fellas.

  4. Honey Do – you never disappoint and I will now think twice before prematurely jumping a running exercise! Spit your insane with PLT’s – I was really hoping we were done after 4 total. Should have know better with it being a Honey Do Q! Thanks for the BDay wishes. Fudd – your sister and your family are in our prayers! If you need ANYTHING, just ask.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Self destruction again – wow ! Testament to circle k’s girls ….
    dips on the small bars no joke .. yep I got me an extra set of 5 pull ups and I saw some others attacking that rusty cage ?! Solid Q Honeydo !
    Glad to hear your on the Q sheet Kubota – atta baby !
    Awesome to participate in the healing place run after the workout- well done guys enjoyed it .. ET’s must have been a quick one today – circle k and I got there and everyone was gone . Great to see TYA and circle k M coming off the trail right before the rain hit !
    Fuudski my thoughts and prayers are with your sister and your family at this time . As I said when I took us out and TYA mentioned on the podcast – we have a lot going on right now inside our pax . Please lift each other up please remember your F3 brothers in your thoughts please post (it makes a difference) please also give thanks for the many blessings each of us has. Go kiss you wife and kids give em a big bear hug and when you hit your knees tonight say an extra one for Circle K’s mother in law , Lockjaws father in law , Sippy Cups mother in law, Fuuds sister any of those concerns within our group not spoken aloud or maybe only shared in confidence. There is power in our group gentlemen and there is amazing power in prayer be dedicated to them both .

  6. Great Q Honeydo. Happy birthday Wilson. Between Saab doubling up, Swirly expressing his preferences and the Honeymoon suite it was an entertaining and exhausting start to the morning.

  7. Great Q man. Fast paced, hard work, and fun. Well done.

    I pray for all you guys but especially those that are having a rough time.

    Swirly – way to roll with the punches after stating your love for the penis.

    Lab Rat – great to see you back out on a Saturday. Thanks for initiating the shirts

    Glad I beat the fart sack this morning. I usually am.

  8. Great job fellas! Really sorry I missed this one.

    Happy Bday Wilson!

    Thoughts and prayers out to all those in need of them.

  9. Great Q Honey Do! Self Destruction is such a great phrase! Hardywood, beast mode for PLT! Swirly you mean “your ——-.” ETs…2nd F fantastic!
    Boys, we have but one life. Harness the energy and make each day count! Prayers for all with families in need!! We all posted this morning for one reason or another and at the end, we are all better for it! God Bless!
    Loud and Proud!

  10. Great Q Honeydo! Enjoyed seeing everyone as it’s been a while. Well said Swirly and thanks for the awesome closing prayer today. Each of us will have mountains and valleys in our journeys through this life. Remember the Lords blessings when you’re standing on the mountain, because you didn’t get there alone. And don’t forget to lift your eyes when you are in the valley because you aren’t alone there either. The Lord sees you even though you may not be able to feel it. You guys have been a friend to me during some tough times, and I thank God for F3 as it’s been a rock to lean on while I walk through the valleys. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers for my sister and our family.

  11. Self destruction two weeks in a row. I may have performed at least 1 v up correctly this week. Thx to Honeydo for finishing what we started last week.
    Happy birthday Wilson
    Fudd you and your family are in our prayers
    Fellas as many of you know I was going through a lot last year dealing with my father. I echo Swirly’s sentiment about this group being a powerful source of support and energy. I experienced this power personally as I could not have dealt as well with my struggles without F3RVA.

  12. What a way to start the weekend, man I am smoked! Great Q, Honeydo. Special thanks to Labrat for throwing in the wrinkle of sideways throws mixed into the PLT – thanks for the extra push.
    My thoughts are with you men who are dealing with challenges in life, may you find the strength to persevere.

  13. I take for granted how awesome DogPile is sometimes and skip it for a while. 24 dudes rocking and rolling this morning and I have been brought home to where I should be.

    HoneyDo Q’s never disappoint! Well done Sugar Sock, I hope you will be able to return the favor next time.

    A big nap today was well earned. Feels great to work hard.

  14. That was a good one for sure HoneyDo. I don’t think I was fully recovered from last week. A morning nap really hit the spot today.

    Thanks for the lift to ET’s LabRat. Good to have you back at Dogpile.

    Good thoughts for everybody. This is a strong group to be part of.

  15. Sorry to miss today, my thoughts and prayers are with those mentioned….Fudd, good to see you this evening man, we are praying for your sis!!