Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Bearded Oyster


The Pax was solely on foot today, whether running, walking, or rucking.  This was the first Friday in sometime without a bike presence.

YHC explained the Grace’N’Allen (Grayson Allen) route in recognition of UNC’s triumph over Duke last night.  Other parallels include a route that is loaded with cobblestones, potholes, as well as other tripping hazards and seems to go on a little too long.  Go UVA, SJU, and UNC!

4s/6s – Head West on Grove to Bunting, cross Patterson and take Chantilly to Monument.  East on Monument to Thompson and take a left to Grace and hang a right.

5s – Head East on Grove to Thompson and hang a left.  Take a right on Grace.

From here:  4s take Cleveland back to Grove to the VSF.  5s/6s take Allen to Grove to the VSF.

The routes were a little heavy this morning.  4.24, 5.31, and 6.16 in distance.  The 6s felt short changed from Tuesday’s 5.85 and for the 5s, well, we are developing beasts in the ranks.

Swirly took us out.


Today was quite the menagerie of observations.  As I pulled into the AO, Bleeder emerged from a Toyota SUV and Saab from a BMW; both of which seemed out of place.  Great conversation as a six wide Pax ran down Grace, but strolled down memory lane of youthful shenanigans.  Despite it being cold, there were birds singing everywhere along the route this morning.  Is Spring coming soon?  What do these birds know that we do not?

Finishing the run, we had Pax joining us who either missed us or ran their own thing, including Oyster.  We have not seen him in a while, but he was back today with a full beard, hence the backblast title.

Labrat chose to tote his backpack and try Rucking.  Is it just me or has he avoided Lockjaw runs  since the mutiny?  Last time it was biking, this week rucking.  Next time is he going to dig out those roller blades from the 90s?

Thoughts go out to Sippy Cup’s mother-in-law who was recently injured with a fall.  The Pax hopes for a speedy recovery.

I also want to thank the Pax for the support they have given me from across the RVA region.  A sincere Thank You.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Lockjaw – excellent theme/route/BB title !
    Way to work guys – you said it best BT – just like old times buddy – enjoyed it!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. This was not the first time I have left Mary and showed up at a Starbucks. It was the first time it was consumed on the return to Mary. #walkwithbleeder

  3. You continually outdo yourself LJ with regard to your themed workouts.

    Happy LabRat didn’t get picked-on walk with his backpack full of books. I guess even a one-armed Bleeder will frighten the hoodlums away.

    First time I’ve been hit by a dog during an AO…my relationship with canines is a strange one.

    Aunt Jemima looks a lot different in person than she does on the syrup bottle

  4. Saab is the number 1 bully in my life. Fortunately, he is not good at it. He picks on me, starts laughing and gives me a hug. My life is good.

  5. After experiencing today’s BOM, I can say with enthusiasm that oysters (and all other bivalves) should be beardless.