Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Moonwalk Murph



Graduation Walk – Spit got a big boy bell

Hallelujah carry around the parking lot

The Murph

One Mile run

100 sit and press

200 Clean and press

300 Figure 8s

one mile run




Healing Place 10k Training –  See the preblast and Honeydo’s sign up sheet.

Someone needs to step up to Breaking Bread this month

Emoji took us out


YHC was running late this morning, and in his hurry to get to the AO glove-less. Fortunately  Emoji is still operating his black market glove stand from the trunk of his car. The color of the gloves lead to several Michael Jackson comments, which the PAX immediately let go of and did not bring back up at every chance they could.

Emoji and Spit crushed this workout. It was good to see Spit graduate to a higher weight. YHC will not name any names, but a few of the others could do to move up.

As always it was an honor to lead you men

See you in the Gloom



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  1. Great workout Mud Face! Where do we send the invoice for the rental glove fees? only a few different exercises but they really did the trick.

  2. Great Job fellas! The Murph is always a treat at the beginning of the month! Emoji and I could have gotten the full mile in at the end of we had started on time, just saying Q.

    YHC has the Murph Q next month! Get ready fellas!