Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tiny Brass Balls….


YHC showed up extra early this am to get a lay of the land. First Q for Heartbreak Ridge. Big AO so with time to spare, YHC formulated his workout for a West End PAX inbound. YHC parked near the buses and waited to see the appropriate place to park…..ah, Offshore was first and YHC moved accordingly. Closer to the track, mid parking lot. 6 regular West End gents and 1 SOJ regular posted and this is how it went down. 0530…Time to Mosey. One warm up lap around the parking lot.

COP- Invisible Jump Rope x 15, Copperhead Squats x 15, Don Quixote x 10, Imperial Walker x 15, Flutter Kicks x 15, LBC x 15, Merkin x 10. Time to Mosey..

YHC forgot how big Quicassin Middle School parking lot is. So….Ascending Four Corners followed by Descending Four Corners. First corner, x 10 merkins, mosey to second corner x 20 squats, x10 merkins and mosey to third Corner x 30 mountain climbers, x 20 squats, x 10 merkins and mosey to the fourth Corner x 40 SSH, x 30 mountain climbers, x 20 squats, x 10 merkins. Repeat fourth corner workout and time to descend. Third Corner x 30 mountain climbers, x 20 squats, x 10 merkins and mosey to second corner, x 20 squats, x 10 merkins. Mosey back to first corner, x 10 merkins.

Mosey to the track. Burpee Mile. 12 burpees and run one lap. Repeat 4 times. 48 burpees and one mile, done!

YHC actually listened to the PAX this am when all 6 appeared hesitant to step onto the football field. YHC wanted to show West End PAX, The Lawn Service. So quick silent audible….triple check. YHC was solo but 2 groups. Run 100 yards, derkins, and dips. Quick work, gents. And with time to spare…..what to do?

Mosey to the concession stand…..BTW. Approx 2 minutes…BTW for as long as possible. One small break. All PAX members crushed a 30 second count down! Time expired. Mosey back to the parking lot.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: BRR group is forming. CSAUP for appropriate Nano Region. Honeydo and Upchuck are assisting The Healing Place and their Monument 10k training team. 0730 on Saturday, close to Dogpile. This Saturday, 2 mile run.

Honeydo took us out!

NMS- Not that far a drive from SOJ and awesome AO. Ronnie asked the Q if he was wearing brass balls? Ronnie kept hearing metal clacking sound from YHC. YHC told Ronnie the clacking sound was from YHC gloves-clasp to attach together and hook on a ruck-YHC gloves issued fall of 1994 by Army ROTC department at The Institute! Who would have thought 20 years later, still in use! YHC told Ronnie, yea right now I have tiny brass balls!  Mumblechatter kinda light but YHC did hear about Offshore being a character witness. God Bless all educators in this world! Good to see Garbage Plate and Ronnie this am……miss seeing them at Dogpile! Honeydo, Thank you for shovel flag!! Attila-nice to finally meet you! Offshore-pleasure as always! Mr. Holland-solid workout and thanks for AO name explanation!

Thank you for following almost all of the workout!! Great to start the am at Heartbreak Ridge. Only those who show up understand! Have a super day!

Loud and Proud!




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  1. Great Q. The burpee mile almost did me in. Your brass balls made a nice jingle in the morning air.

  2. Highlight was the mumblechatter on Circle Ks 2.0s crushing us at Dogpile and Atilla asked isn’t F3 for men only and we tried to explain in a non- pervy way that” girls under 18 are welcome”
    I’ll let Ronnie figure out an acceptable legal statement of this policy…