Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Four sore cores


Four men gathered in the gloom with hopes of working some soreness out of their cores and getting their weeks off to a positive start with a Hot Potato Q. This is how it went

Swirly opened the COP:

IC: 20 x SSH, 10 x DQ, 10 x Helo, 10 x Merkin, 20 x LBC, 10 x Flutter, 10 x Freddie

Swirly continued:

10/20/30 of each with a run to the top of the hill between sets: Dips, Decline Merkins, WWII

Baton handed to Sippy Cup who lead us to the coupon bin as he is want to do and then to the tennis courts with coupons overhead

Line up on one side of the court, carry your coupon across and back walking backward. Rotate through each coupon so each got a turn with each.

One man elbow plank supporting coupon while partner runs around the other tennis courts (or court as you may have interpreted the directions). Each partner gets a turn. Repeat with regular plank

Bootleg received the baton and kept us at the tennis court four some Four Corner work.

Round 1 – Merkins: 10 each Regular, Wide, Diamond, Release – Lunge between corners (careful not to do the splits on slick patches!)

Round 2 – Burpees: 2,4,6,8 – Lunge between

Return your coupons and back to the flag for numberama/namerama. Swirly took us out


  • Sign up for CSAUP
  • Monument 10k Prep at the Healing Place on Saturdays – sign up and help out
  • Hardywood can’t get enough quality time with shoes

Good work guys. Great start to the week




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  1. I’m enjoying the HPQs lately, its a fun challenge to work together to make a strong workout. Which this one was!

  2. Thanks for posting the BB Bootleg. Between the K family trying to destroy my innards and Saabski pushing me on the Sunday run, I was less than prepared for the solid beat down this was. Well done fellas. Thanks for being a constant on Monday mornings.