Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Darth Vader Beckons the Suck-itude


It was a nippy morning where 5 faithful and strong brothers in arms came together.  Here is how it went down.

  • COP
    • 25 SSH
    • 20 DQ
    • 20 IW
    • 10 2x merkins
    • 20 2x LBC
    • 15 pickle pounders
    • 15 crab cakes
    • 15 monkey humpers
  • Burpee march in the parking lot – 5x
    • 15 burpees through 15 parking spaces
    • 20 WWII sit-ups
    • 20 APD
    • 20 2x flutter kicks
  • Mosey to the jerkin gym for an 11 with jerkins and Lt. Dans
  • Mosey to the new pickle ball courts
    • March around the courts x2
      • Bear crawl length
      • Crab walk width
      • Karaoke length
      • Bunny hop width
    • 5 suicides runs
  • Mosey back to the parking lot for ring of fire (10 merkins)
  • COT with YHC taking us out
  • Fellowship at Einsteins for those that could join

YHC showed up in a ski othewith the cold weather, earning the Darth Vader moniker for this Gridiorn.  Some mumblechatter from the PAX, but strong efforts all around.  Nightcrawler was the first one there today, and he shot out like a rocket on the burpees.  He also took no shortcuts on the jerkins.  Big T-claps for the Nightcrawler.  Living in an apartment with 4 females is definitely giving him some extra juice for the workouts.

As always, Chum Bucket and Cecil were strong.  Lots of hot air coming out of all of White Deer’s orifices.  Just another Gridiron.  Nothing new here. Solid effort in the low temps.

God is good all the time!



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