Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Abs and Arms


4 strong gathered for a moonlit morning in the gloom.  The PAX at NoToll suggested a beach body workout, with a focus on abs and arms, to get YHC ready for the long weekend trip.  YHC was happy to oblige but added some extra running so another margarita or two can be consumed.


Mosey around the bus loop and back to the lit parking lot for SSH (only 10 after yesterday’s Flatline led SS Hopathon), Moroccan night clubs, Hillbillies, Alternating Shoulder taps, LBC

Into the deep gloom we go, everyone knows where that is at SOT.  If you don’t, it’s time you made your way out there to find out.  Blackjack with Merkins and Freddie Mercuries, always add up to 21 with decreasing merkins.  100 yard run on the track in between.

Mosey back to the parking lot – Stop for a little Mary – Heels to Heaven, 1-leg APD, Rosalita.  Across the drive aisle to the lit parking lot for a Burp in a Box.  1 burpee run around our parked cars, repeat increasing up to 6 burpees.  Mosey to the sidewalk for more abs and arms – Flutter kicks, hand release merkins, Hello Dolly, Peter Parker, LBC, Diamond Merkins, Homer to Marge (in honor of the fartsacker).  Ring of Fire to close it out.

Numbers/Names and YHC took us out.


Great to have Tatu back out in the gloom, he killed it today with a lot of running thrown at him.  Gumbo and Marmaduke were rolling on the burp in a box, what we believe is a Lugnut created method of torture.  The glow of the moon made the normal gloom of the SOT track much more tolerable.  This morning was apparently some sort of super blue blood moon, YHC is not exactly sure what that is but it lit up the track well enough that we weren’t running into each other the morning.  We have been given a wonderful opportunity to participate in something much larger than ourselves.  Let’s go out today and every day to try to make a difference, whether it’s an EH, 3rd F or simply a smile and words or encouragement to help someone through the day.


Still recruiting for the Century Classic CSAUP, find your team or sign up as a free agent on the roster sheet and you’ll find one.  Rosters. PreBlast  http://f3rva.org/2018/01/19/f3rva-century-classic/

Everything’s coming up Rosie.


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  1. Great morning Rosie and a great message as well! Way to push us, enjoy the weekend in the surf and sun!

  2. Great job Rosie. And, well said in the BB! Have a great trip and be sure to show off the guns — raise an extra one for your F3 brothers back in the frozen gloom, and be sure to post details of your beatdowns with Bobber