Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Full Moon and a Swirly Q


13 strong posted this morning for WDOG and here is what went down…

Mossy : COP: SSH’s, Windmills, IW’s, Merkins, LBC’s, APD’s

Short side triple check : Partner 1 –   Polarbear across field – Russian Solder back – Partner 2 – LBC’s – Partner 3 – LT. Dans – repeat 3 times.

Rusty Cage : Partner up : 3 sets 7 jerkins – 3 set of 10 burp ups – 3 sets of 5 chin ups

Amp Theatre: Partner up – wheelbarrow up to the top – 4 dips each step back down – next partner wheelbarrow back up.

Indian Run back to the flag.

The mumble chatter today began with Saabski calling out Keymaster for seeing him running around the Tuckahoe area Tuesday morning. Saabki yelled out – hey Keymaster – you know we have workouts on Tuesday mornings you A Hole !!!! Keymaster just smiled and kept on running telling others he was with – I have no idea who that crazy bastard was – whats a keymaster???

The pax crushed the rusty cage like never before this morning – it was awesome – well done guys… The wheelbarrow up the theatre – yep freaken brutal – just no other way to describe it … Hardywood went to check out a suspicious character around our vehicles as the rest of the pax did the Indian run – thanks for checking that out Hardywood way to be on alert  bro!

Kubota took us out – well said dude – and after that a few more fun facts came out …. Fuddski and family will be heading down to Disney – great to have Fudd with us @ WDOG – be on the lookout from a tweet from Fudd with his #sexy hat on sitting in a hot tub drinking single malt scotch with goofy 🙂 Have fun Fuudski we will see ya when you get back.

BT has been loving that the podcasts are back in 2018 and evidently BT’s M enjoys the podcast as well – that’s awesome – but hey discretion advised – not all M’s will like or understand – not that there is any thing wrong with that 🙂 Gotta get you in soon as a special guest BT ! Hey another piece of great news from BT this morning is – Big Tennessee is in for the BRR – hell yeah baby – love it ! Anybody else want in – well respond to the pre blast TYA put up or text/email him asap….

Thoughts and prayers are with our brothers Toga and Bleeder as they recover from surgery .

Always a pleasure to lead such a solid group of men. Anytime you accomplish more than you thought you could or even seems logical – it’s a beautiful successful step in our journeys to be the best that we can be.

“Leadership is the Art of accomplishing more than the science  of management says is possible”

General Colin Powell

See yall in the gloom…

Swirly out…


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  1. Very strong Q, Swirly! Rusty cage was intense. The Keymaster conversation was pretty good and funny! He and I had a few good laughs about it on the way home. Strong work this morning guys!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Oh yeah forgot to mention – first thing that happened before the mossy… EF Hutton drops the bomb on Swirly that the skins have traded for Alex Smith 71 mil – WTF !!!!!! Swirly will always be a skins fan but – YHC would like to get Daniel Synder to a workout – Swirly v Snyder ……

  3. Great start to a tough week. Thanks for leading Swirly. Wheelbarrows to THE TOP of the Carillon were no joke.

    Thanks to Kubota and Lockjaw for the partnership during rusty cage and wheelbarrow’s respectively.

    To the Indian Run, I haven’t seen Keymaster run that fast since…Yesterday!…when he was running away from us.

    Awesome news BT will be joining the BRR!

  4. Enjoyed the time at the cages, not so much the wheelbarrows. Partnering with Hardywood for Jerkins is quite a show.

    As for the trade, Cousins had no intention of returning, so Smith is probably the best we the fans of Washington could hope for, but trading away a building block on defense really stings, especially when it’s a Hokie.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    agreed. but Smith or Cousins – feels like the same type QB – keep Cousins – keep Fuller damn….

  6. The shame of it is that they probably could’ve locked up Cousins 2 years ago for the same price or maybe even cheaper. Quite a debacle for the Front Office, though what I’ve come to expect under Snyder. Best wishes to Cousins, he’s about to be a very wealthy man.

  7. Great Q Swirly! It is indeed a rare treat to be able to attend WDog these days. The beatdown at the Rusty Cage and wheelbarrows up the amphitheater have my guns ready for a show at the hot tub in Orlando. Pretty pumped that I’m heading to a latitude where the weather is actually 70 and sunny! See you fellas in the gloom when I return.

  8. I was just getting to where I could do regular old wheelbarrows to some degree. Up the amphitheater? Smh

    Thanks Swirly. That was a challenge

  9. Arm Day! Wheelbarrows up the steps…Yikes. That must be where Holland Family Chiropractic puts its sponsorship dollars when Circle K’s tire is in the shed. Well done fellas. Look forward to seeing the non-SOJ crowd at 45MOM tomorrow.

  10. Solid Q. Gotta keep the cage in the rotation otherwise my pullups look like they did this morning. And wheelbarrows, damn! I was looking forward to my turn steering but it took everything i had to drive Keymaster up the steps. Like operating a giant garden tiller!

  11. What a SMOKEFEST! Great to see Fudd out for a little Wednesday beatdown. Wheelbarrow up the steps is absolutely no joke. Sounds like Woodfin has one helluva dental plan. Outstanding job today fellas!

  12. I am feeling it in the shoulders and lats. I expected no less from a Swirly Q.

    I think next week’s Spider Run route may suggest the simple instructions of “go into the darkness and intercept Keymaster”. A game of cat and mouse….