Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nothing better than Hot Potato Soup on a Snowy Day


5 men greeted the day by kicking it into high gear as they converged in the gloom and did something like this:

SPIT Q : COP included SSH, Invisible Jumpropes, LBCs and Merkins all IC

Mosey to playground for 10 jerkins, 10 pullups, and 10 Burp Ups each.

Opus Q : Mosey to bus loop for Catch me if you Can.  Pax runs backwards around bus loop while one PAX member chases them while running forward.  Once caught, PAX performs 10 burpees and another PAX members circles the bus loop until catching the PAX.  Repeat until all PAX members have run forward.

Phonics Q : Mosey to AHS parking lot.  Touch a Tree LBC escalator.  Run to first tree and complete 5 LBCs.  run to second tree and complete 10 LBCs.  Repeat until you get to 50 LBCs.  Then come back down the ladder to 0 LBCs.

Circle K Q : Mosey to AHS bball courts for suicides.  Regular suicide, Reverse Suicide and Burpee Suicide.

The Carpenter Q : Mosey back to flag taken the long route.  Every time Q calls out the word Spread out the PAX performs called number of 4x4s.

Numberama, Namearama, The Carpenter took us out with a word of prayer.

NMS: Nobody had signed up on the Q sheet for Daville so YHC decided to fill in the blank at 0500 just to make the spreadsheet look cleaner.  The entire PAX had the same idea regarding the Hot Potato Q.  All the Qs mixed in many different exercises that worked the entire body.  Great job by all this morning.

Circle K


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