Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slip N Slide


10 Strong resisted the warm, dry fartsack this morning, and posted to Sunny and 70 conditions.


Side Straddle Hop X 15
DonQ X 10
Merkins X 10
LBC’s X15
Flutter Kicks X15
Copperhead Squats X 10
Arm Circles (Large and Small) X 20 total

Mosey to Bottom of Lindsay for some Lazy Dora

-100 Merkins, sets of 10, P2 planks while P1 exercises

-200 LBC’s, sets of 25, P2 holds legs 6 inches while P1 exercises

-300 Squats (modified to 200) – Sets of 50 while P2 holds squat lunge position.

Partner Carry up Lindsay to the stop Sign

Mosey to the Field For Wheelbarrows = Wheelbarrow to the 25, stop each man does 10 merkins, same at 50 yard-line and 75.  Switch positions, and wheelbarrow back stopping at same points.

Mosey to Horseshoe for Triple Check – Balls to the wall, flutter kicks, P3 Runs (each team 2 times through).

PLY’s (leg toss) = 2 X 25 each, 50 each man


Dolly X25, Keymaster (WW2 X 25), Splinter (20 Pickle Pounders)

Numberama, Namerama, and HoneyDo took us out….


YHC appreciates 10 PAX showing up in the elements for some fun.  Mumblechatter was light, and we got right down to business.  Thanks to Keymaster for partnering during DORA, although he dealt another super, juicy bomb out of his rear (second AO in 4 days where he’s likely left a crater in the ground).  YHC is certain that his drawers and socks for that matter are ruined forever.  YHC is now thinking that perhaps a dietary intervention might be necessary in the not too distant future (as this is becoming a pattern).  Thoughts?

Needles to say, YHC was happy to partner with Ronnie for partner carries so that breathing was again possible.  Glad to see Ronnie back out after conquering the flu!

The PAX seemed apprehensive when we hit the field for Wheelbarrows as conditions were lake-like with parts resembling Woodstock…  Honeydo took a mud pie to the shoulder and face due to the slip and slide conditions, however, his recovery was remarkable.  Enjoyed partnering with you brother!

Great to see Wedding Singer and Garbage plate out at Hoedown, way to work guys!!


-BT:  Toga is having knee surgery today, have him in your thoughts and prayers.

-HoneyDo is taking the lead on helping out the men of the healing place as they train for the Monument 10k.  See him for details.

Thanks for letting me lead today fellas, have a great Monday!


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  1. Damn good workout Slurpee. I wanted to go back to bed when I got home.

    Those wheelbarrows were no joke. Felt like inverted barefoot skiing there for a minute. Thanks to BT for continuously steering me towards the little ponds on the field. That back field looked like Minnesota there were so many ponds.

  2. Great Q, Slurpee! I would rather workout in the snow and ice than this morning conditions. Sloppy! Apologies go out to my Dora partner, Wedding Singer for asking him how much he weighs during the middle of the Dora. He looked at me kind of funny but I had a feeling that Partner Carry’s was coming up next. Great partner work today, Singer!

  3. Nothing like wheelbarrows to go ahead and beat you down. Splinter was actually more a divining rod, finding all the water on the field. Way to work this morning, boys!

  4. Damn, wheelbarrows and partner carries are like the F3 version pimiento cheese — it always sounds good on a burger (or anything) and its seems to be on every menu these days — but the immediate aftermath isn’t usually pretty.

    Strong work guys.

  5. That’s some seriously funny stuff right there. I guess F3 is “you against you” until “you” have a “someone else” on your back.

    Which has nothing to do with Singer…I’m thinking back to Saturday when Hardywood had to carry 210 pounds of human vomit up Love Hill.