Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It if walks like a duck…


3 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day for a hot potato Q.  The forecast met expectations and the conditions were a near perfect 70 and sunny.  According to legend, it went a little something like this.

Mosey down to the duck pond for a Hardywood COP

IC 10 SSH regular, 10 SSH Right Leg UP, 10 SSH Left Leg Up

IC 10 HRM regular, 10 HRM left leg up, 10 HRM right leg up

IC 10 Flutter Kicks

IC 20 Mark Spitz

IC 20 WWII Situps

Pass to Sippy:  At each light post complete 10 merkins.  Between light posts either duck walk or skip.  Skipping was done with alternating focus on height and distance.  Duck walk was done as an exercise in masochistic discipline. Thrown in for good measure was a bear crawl, alternating styles between regular bear crawl, wide grip bear crawl and diamond bear crawl.  Do this all the way around the duck pond or until your hamstrings completely blow out.

Pass to Bootleg: 100 pole smokers on your own.  Run to the first light and back.  YHC thought 1st light meant the 1st light at the top of the hill.  After being chased down by sippy, we ran back down to the 1st light at the bottom of the hill.

100 LBCs then alternate 10 lunges forward and 10 lunges backward to the next light post.

100 dips, mosey back to the flag.

Moleskin:  Way to work fellas!  This crew absolutely brought it this morning. Despite a constant drizzle and a smaller group, this will go down as one of the harder workouts YHC has completed in recent memory. TClaps goes to Bootleg for throwing down the hammer. The entire exercise set that took us up the hill was brutal in the most fantastic kinds of way!

News: CSAUP on April 13th & 14th.  Do this.

Honeydo is leading the charge to help the outstanding men of the Healing Place with their 10K Training Program. He’s looking for 2-3 of F3 RVAs finest to go over each Saturday at 7:30pm (near Manchester) to run with the men.  They’ll start out nice and slow, so no worries if your running accumen is on the novice side.



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  1. Big thanks to Sippy and Bootleg for helping get the week started on the right foot. With a smokefest like that, I’ll start with high spirits but in complete oxygen deficit. Way to work fellas!

  2. It’s also quite telling that Hardywood assumed I meant run all the way to the top of the hill where the first light post is, and took off after it, rather than assuming I meant the more sane “first light post you come to”

  3. I’ve not had wobbly legs like that ever after a F3 workout. Bootleg, I’m going to incorporate the lunging backward uphill again for sure, and your choice of exercises for the 100 reps was perfect. Hardywood, I like your new revamped COP. This was a really tough one!

  4. Great work fellas. Sounds like a leg crusher with ample sharing of pain to other parts of the body as well.

  5. Sorry to miss out on this one! I had a daughter up in the night with croup-like coughing, and needed the extra hour of sleep. See you guys at the next one!

    Also…no Swirly? Do we need to drive by his house and see if he has fallen and can’t get up?

  6. No Swirly. No Bleeder. Definitely need to send out a search party!

    I believe Swirly is under the weather and Bleeder injured himself doing something very important and time critical.

  7. Nice work fellas and kudos to Hardywood for his promotional abilities with the CSAUP. Keep up the promotion! It’s great training for the earth day 5k!