Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Pax Hits the Little Piney


Three veterans and one FNG decided that being two hours from Dogpile wasn’t a good enough reason to fartsack on a Saturday morning, and planted the proverbial flag at F3’s latest temporary AO: Crossroads Camp & Conference Center in lovely Lowesville, VA. So at 6am sharp, PAX headed to the hilly field for a beat down:

COP: SSH, DQ, IW, Freddie, flutterkicks, merkins

It’s surely in the exicon somewhere, but YHC had no cell service to find the proper name, so “scatterbear” it was: 1 man does 5 burpees while PAX bear crawls away, man 1 chases and tags bears. Switch, repeat. The Hill made this rough.

Partner Hill Runs: One man runs a hill that makes Heartbreak look like a speed bump, while partner exercises: 200 squats, 400 merkins.

Half-Beast: merkins, lunges, burpees

11’s: WWIIs & merkins, traveling halfway up The Hill again, of course

In the midst of the burdens and stresses of life & work, YHC was in dire need of time and quietude in the mountains. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, excellent temperatures, and 40 or so good men from West End Presbyterian Church, a morning workout was just the thing to top the whole thing off. Glad to welcome in FNG Bill Philips, aka Nigel. Upon finding that Bill studied architecture and plays guitar, PAX was briefly excited to declare him Nigel, as a reference both to Spinal Tap  guitarist Nigel Tufnel and Frasier Crane’s architect brother, Nigel Crane. Seconds later, of course, we realized that “Nigel Crane, architect,” was actually “Niles Crane, psychiatrist.” But a name’s a name, man.


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