Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And, peace be with you…


9 Pax, including one FNGal Mary Caton Lingold, left the dry comfort of the fart sack to lay down some wet miles this morning. YHC signed up for Q last night in an attempt to influence the route in order to minimize damage to our glorious trails. Here is more or less what transpired.

Arriving in the parking lot around 6:30 YHC parked next to TYA’s snack filled mom car, got his affairs in order and went over to join TYA for some conversation only to discover an empty car… guess he’s out already. The rest of the Pax arrived including the FNGal (friend of whistleblower) and the Q described the route;

Across the bridge, down the access road, across Belle Isle, back across Potterfield, up the acces road and across the bridge. 7ish miles. Not the fun hilly trails we are all used to but sometimes we get on a plane headed to Paris only to land in Cleveland. When life gives you lemons – eat them whole, seriously, pulp skin seeds and all – and don’t break eye contact – maybe life will stop being such an a-hole if you show it you’re done F’ing around. Or make lemonade, you’re choice.

Everyone set out together, except TYA who was already killing it, and YHC learned that he can keep up with Saab for a while but that he can’t keep up with Saab and talk as comfortably as normal. Saab broke off around Forest Hill Park and the rest of us kept on keeping on.

Across the southern bridge to Belle Isle and headed across when out of nowhere Upchuck disappears into the woods with the ladies ?. Some mumblechatter about him calling out that he didn’t know the route but he clearly had us in his sites when he led the lasses astray… turns out they wanted some more hills and miles so they looped the island and took riverside back. 8ish hilly miles.

Back to the parking lot and Fudd, probably sick and tired or hearing YHCs views on everything dipped out to take his kids to church. He was followed out by Helix and Sugar Sock (who ran further today then he had previously- ever – way to go Sugar!).

Soon after Upchuck and his crew appeared, followed by TYA (13.523 miles) and then Saab (10ish) some of us enjoyed some snacks out of TYAs trunk (dubbed mom car by FNGal), TYA told her she wasn’t allowed to have two first names “pick one!” And was promptly told he obviously wasn’t from the south ? numberama, namerama, FNGal dubbed Half Pint for her love of all things Little House on the Prarie, and YHC took us out until he encountered a 404 file not found error at the end of his prayer – and settled on “and peace be with you all” what?

Announcements – CSAUP, Upchuck and Honey-do starting training with Healing Place guys next Saturday and could use help  – talk to them





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  1. All around great BB Shakedown. Thanks for leading today.

    When I came upon Upchuck heading West surrounded by two saturated ladies, I knew he made the noble choice.

  2. Well said, Shakedown. Thanks for the picture, but that link was a sneaky way to get me back on Twitter. If I’m not careful, I may find myself at a gun show checking out assault rifles and thinking, “What am I doing here?”

    Welcome, Half Pint!

  3. Good run, folks. 55 and rainy is the sunny and 70 of the running workout.

    Leading the lasses astray?

    Those lasses have like 12 graduate degrees. Where was my backup when I called out for help just prior to the ladies leading me into those woods?