Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’m really pushing now…


28 descended upon Dogpile in reasonable temperatures for light calisthenics.  This is what transpired, more or less…

As Lockjaw is still under the weather (get better soon buddy), he asked Circle K if he would take the Q this morning.  Since CK has his birthday-Q next week and was running on a tight schedule, he rightly opted for a hot potato.

Circle K (first Q):

COP:  Invisible Jump Ropes (i.e. jump up and down aimlessly), DQ’s (Sloooooowly), Squats.

Ascending dips up Carillon steps (1 to 18).  Descending Inclined Merkins (18 to 1).  Plank up.  After a few reach-arounds and turns at Wilson’s Wife, turn Q over to Gomer Pyle

Gomer Pyle:

Hallelujah up steps of Carillon (i.e. holding arms in air) then single dip down each step.  Advance to circle past Carillon…

Curb Crawls:  Bear Crawl then Crawl Bear back and forth 5 times.  1 merkin/derkin off the curb each time.

Abs:  WWII’s, Flutter Kicks, Hello Dolly’s, (YHC is sure there were others…).  Turn Q over to Slurpee…

Slurpee:  Partner up.  200 leg tosses among the pair.  Turns Q to Kubota (pre-VQ)

Kubota:  Long mosey to Love Hill.  Partner carries ALL THE WAY up Love Hill…rotate carries as needed.

Saab:  Jacob’s ladder up/down hill behind Carillon.  Ascending Burpees at the top of each hill up to 7.  Run to flag for quick Merkin Ring of Fire

Just a few notes and observations from today’s workout.  YHC is certain there will be many more:

  • Apparently it is not Saab who HAS THE RUNS today.  Get well Swirly and I hope it passes (ha) soon.
  • Either YHC has inspired a few, or the PAX is just getting older and stiffer.  It was nice to see some others (Wilson) fall behind on the Don Quixote cadence today.
  • Speaking of older and stiffer, Marcel Marceau briefly mistook YHC for Hardywood.  YHC almost blushed.
  • Kudos to Kubota for his pre VQ (scheduled for Hoedown in a few weeks).  Once called upon by Slurpee he took off running towards Love Hill so fast, the PAX almost lost sight of him.
  • Marmaduke apparently lit off a few bombs this morning.  At one point during the inclined merkins – with a few concerned PAX facing his posterior –  he declared “he was really pushing…”
  • Thanks to Loveseat for helping to pound through the leg tosses.  50 per shot was a smoker.
  • YHC appreciates the growing number of positions applied to Wilson’s Wife.  He is certain the feeling is mutual.
  • Thanks to Shakedown for partner carries up Love Hill.  He would have carried the entire distance were it not for him taking intermittent breaks from Saab’s mumble-chatter in his left ear.
  • Welcome to Flatline’s 2.0 now named (Wet) Willy


Breaking Bread on Sunday.  Please contact Rosie or Hardywood if you are interested in joining them.

CSAUP signup now (worksheet has been posted)

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  1. Thanks Saabsky for writing the BBlast and leading…Nice Pre-tease VQ Kubota, and thanks to Loveseat for doing 75% of the work up Love Hill!!

    Upchuck, I’ll be your PLT wingman any day… way to tear through our 200 count.

    Have a great weekend fellas!!

  2. Great morning, guys!! Way to push! Mr. Roper, thanks for partnering with me for PLT’s and absolutely killing them. Way to push up the hill, Honey Do! Great B.B., Saab! Thanks for writing it and I hope you enjoy the goods I saw you leave ET’s with. I’m right down the street from you if you need help consuming them today. As always, 2nd F at ET’s was great. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Great job today fellas. Enjoyed PLY’s with Posh – way to push it bro! Glad Marmaduke got it out before the ride home. Enjoy the weekend fellas.

  4. Great job this morning fellas! Lockjaw hope you feel better soon brother. Thanks to Honey Do for pushing me during PLT. Posh way to push yourself during partner carriers. Great call Kubota on the partner carriers, always a crowd-pleaser!

  5. Also great to have Pick 2 out for his first Dogpile! Apologies do you thinking it was only 45 minutes.

  6. Though BB, Q, and Millennial of the Week are seldom awarded anymore, we really should have an award for Fart of the Week. Didn’t witness Marmaduke’s first hand this morning, thankfully, but Keymaster’s at 45MOM would be my nomination this week.

  7. Great BB Saab and thanks for taking the lead on it.

    Overheard during a tribute to Wilson’s wife from Upchuck “can I get a courtesy jiggle”. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  8. Kubota learned the hard way to have one foot in front of the other on the Partner carry when the partner hops on. First time I jumped on he fell forward and stumbled a good 20 yards. Was afraid we were going to need some of Seymour’s services for those few seconds.

  9. What a beat down! My whole body is aching. Great job to all the Q’s. I need to remember that one-foot-in-front-of-the-other tip for partner carries. Helix squat is useless for those. Apologies, Oyster! I’ll do better next time.