Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

As The Pax Likes It


Splendid morning with a strong 8 posting at GridIron. Mosey to the lower football field for Attila’s abbreviated disclaimer of “check it before you wreck it.”


Slaughter Starter of the Pan Pax 8 Count Body Builder X20 variety.

Salt and Pepper division of the PAX made with the latter taking the long road to the Pillars and the former taking the more direct route – Burpees X10 at 3 station stops en route.

Pax selects 4 exercises (assortment of upper body, lower body, and core) X20, execute, finish off with Burpees X10. Rinse and Repeat X4.

Enter the Golden Triangle for Dips and Step Ups, Rinse and Repeat.

Slalom Run the Pillars to the Concrete Triangle.

Gather at the Concrete Triangle for APDs X20.

Pepper Pax run the Concrete Triangle X1 and High Skip same X1 while Salt Pax endure Merkins (and some late Carolina Dry Docks). Salt Pax run the Concrete Triangle X1 while Pepper Pax execute Merkins (some of dubious quality).

Pan Pax 8 Count Body Builders X8.

Mosey back to Parking Lot Pavilion – Pepper Pax take the long route and Salt Pax the more direct, each Burpees X5.

Dips X20, Rinse and Repeat.

8 Count Body Builders X3, APDs X20, Superman with vocals, and Child’s Pose Close.

COT: Numberama and Counterama, J’ville announced Century Classic in April, and Takeout Prayer by YHC. Refreshment (fellowship) at Einsteins for 3/4th of the Pax.

MoleSkin: Arriving at the lower football field, Attila was sure there would be little or no further movement at the AO. Wrong, and props to those who self-identified as Pepper Pax, especially Cecil and NightCrawler.

The Pax seemed genuinely appreciative of the opportunity to shape the workout in response to the “on the fly” Q’s solicitation of exercise suggestions for the Stonehedge (naming credit: Johnsonville). WhiteDeer added to his growing list of observable disorders by doggedly defending his selection of Heels to Heaven as a lower body exercise. Diagnosis: autotopagnosia.

ByProduct has set a strong example with his consistent postings – RedWood status earned.

ChumBucket reached deep into his workout toolbox by offering the Pax the En Pointe Squat which is a like a pirouette with a squat in lieu of a turn. Get it wrong and it can be painful and embarrassing.

The only thing planned in advance was the CrowdPleaser, a healthy dose of Burpees – 116 (see below) seemed like a good number.

Stand firm and be thankful.

Psalm 116


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