Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Three redwoods posted on a cool morning at Circus Maximus with Kettlebells in hand (except Offshore, who needed a loaner). Jville (yhc) took Q and this is what went down —

25 ssh, 25 iws, 50+ arm circles, 20 squats

Emom 1
Each minute for 10 min, 15 merkuns 10 KB swings

Emom 2
Rinse repeat with 15 goblet squats 10 high pulls

Emom 3
Rinse and repeat with 15 skull crushers 10 sit and press

Cot with yhc taking us out.

The emoms had a nasty cumulative effect. The squat/high pull seemed to be the worst since it required arm strength to hold up the KB for something long.

The sit and press was a real tramp stamp destroyer.

Offshore upgraded to a bigger kb than usual. He handled it well.

Thanks for the chance to lead. Jville


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