Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Late Winter Swole-stice


8 of the Hale and Hearty gathered on and unseasonably warm winter morning to move some iron around. Here is what happened

COP all IC

SSH x 15

Merkin x 10

Helicopters x 10

Arm Circles x 10 small, 5 big, reverso

LBC x 1

Dont Drop the Soap 30 Minutes

Hold KB at arms length for as long as you can. When it is dropped run lap and perform excersises

  • Balls to the Wall x 5
  • Stump Merkins x 5
  • KB LBC x 5

When done begin again

Add 5 each round


2 hand swings x 30

Superman x 30

Boat/Canoe x 15



YHC took us out


CSAUP on April 13th.  Get signed up for this.

Rosie has the Breaking Bread Q this Sunday.  If you are interested in helping out.  Give him a shout.

Honeydo is taking the lead on helping out the men of The Healing Place as they train for the Monument 10K.  See him for details.


YHC and Chewy rolled up at 5:25 to see that Pick 2 was already there waiting.  The rest of the PAX rolled up with about a time to spare. There was some confusion about the number of LBCs in each round , once that got fixed things went smoothly. Mumblechatter was lite this morning, not sure if that was do to counting or exertion. Im saying exertion.

Good work Men, thanks for letting me lead



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  1. I find it absolutely bananas that MannDate is now bigger than DaVille! Way to make this workout so successful!