Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spring in January at Batteau


On a beautiful Spring day in, January?!?!?!, seven men convened at Batteau in the darkness to start their week. This is how it went

Mosey lap to COP
IC: SSH 20, Don Quixote 10, Box Cutter 10, Freddie Mercury 10, Merkin 10

DirtyMacDeuce: Four sets of 3 x 20 count exercises – each set followed by a Lap
Set 1 – Incline Merkin, Lunge, Heels to Heaven
Set 2 – Merkin, Squat, LBC
Set 3 – Dips, Lt Dan, Reverse LBC
Set 4 – Decline Merkin, Step up (10 each leg), WW II sit up

Mosey to the tennis courts

Four Corners Escalator
C1 – 10 Merkin
C2 – 10 Merkin + 20 Squat
C3 – 10 Merkin + 20 Squat + 30 LBC
C4 – 10 Merkin + 20 Squat + 30 LBC + 40 Lunge

Four Corners Regular
C1 – 10 Rosalita
C2 – 10 Heels to Heaven
C3 – 10 Box Cutters
C4 – 10 Hello Dolly

Blackjack Fast Deal – (aka 21s with a short run)
Merkin++ + sprint across court + LBC– = 21 total exercises each round

Mosey back to flag

COT Names and numbers, YHC took us out

Welcome back to Clavin who’s been on the DL for a while.

YHC’s VQ. I am grateful to be welcomed into such a great group of people and honored to be able to contribute. Overall I am satisfied with how the workout went today considering it was my first Q. I think I would skip the Four Corners Regular if I had to do it over. I wasn’t quite sure how the timing was going to work. Blackjack ate up a good amount at the end and we hit 45 minutes almost on the dot.

I’d like to say that was exactly how I planned it but mostly it was serendipity! Great work everybody!


  • CASUP insomniac craziness April 13-14
  • See Honey Do for details on being a coach for the Healing Place Monument Ave 10K training team
  • Breaking Bread this weekend

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Heck of a nice morning in RVA – wow!.
    Bootleg – excellent VQ man – you brought it buddy – BlackJack was tough – well done…
    Way to work guys – great to have Clavin out @ Batteau this morning..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Respect Bootleg. Looks to have been well organized – unlike most of my Q’s (ok, perhaps all of them).

  3. Thank you for the beatdown Bootleg! You rock! I remember when you came out to WDog and we first got to know you. Big mistake! I will dread your Q’s from now on.

    Good job men. See you soon in the gloom.

  4. B O O T L E G!! That is a hell of a VQ. I counted 330 merkins. Outstanding job. Great to have Clavin and Wheelbarrow back into the fold.

  5. Thanks all! I enjoyed it and really appreciate all of the suppprt and encouragement.

    This is a great thing to be part of.

  6. Nice work Bootleg. I hope you are proud of the progress that you have made!!
    Loud and Proud!

  7. I thought it was a really well planned out and tough workout, Bootleg. I liked the thoughtful choices of exercises for each iteration, and the blackjack was a real smoker at the end. Great job!