Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do As I Do, Not As I Say!


YHC arrived to The Gloom this am and first, thing first-No Big Blue! Swirly, hope your knee is ok! And  onward….Shakedown provided his shovel flag and Boom! It appeared that above 32 degrees was a good thing for 29 regular PAX members, at least until after COP.  0530-Time to Mosey!

COP= Arm Circles x 15- 10 small, 5 big (forward and reverse). Russian Solder x 15, Imperial Walker x 15, Copperhead Squat x 15, Leg Lifts, I started performing Scissor Kicks x 15, LBC x 15, Merkins x 10, Booya Merkins x 5. Yes, YHC f–ked up again but this time calling out the wrong exercise and one miscount! Maybe one day………ENOUGH–time to work!!

Mosey to The Lawn. YHC has dubbed this work out, The Lawn Service. Line up for lawn sprints (One end to the other) with 1 minute rest time and continue lawn sprints and decreasing rest time by 10 secs until 0. During rest time, PAX planks. Once PAX and YHC hit 30 sec rest time and less, mumblechatter  ceased! We finished on northbound side of The Lawn.

Next, Partner up for Leg Lifts, no…..Heels to Heaven, no…….no, officially the exercise YHC was looking for is called Partner Leg Toss. So partner leg toss totaling 200. Upon completion and lots mumblechatter from the PAX, if this exercise is done solo, it is called Heels to Heaven. Thanks Saab and Fudd!

Mosey to The Lake……aka Merkin Lake. At every light pole, 10 Merkins. YHC counted 27 light poles. Fudd counted 31 but definitely more than 19 originally stated at beginning of the exercise. Touchdown Al Gore until all PAX members were finished.  Next exercise, toes in the water! YHC did not really sell this exercise enough to be believable! But man, how long can a PAX member keep their toes in Merkin Lake? Winter time only!!

Mosey back to The Lawn. Partner up and wheelbarrow’s to the Carillon Side. Whatever count your partner can muster til finished! Touchdown Al Gore when finished. Hitchhiker and Posh finished strong! Boom, mosey back to The Flag!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama.

Announcements: CSAUP is on Pre-Blast. Teams from Nano-Regions, etc.

YHC took us out!

NMS: Considerable mumblechatter at beginning of YHC’s COP. But to be expected! YHC often says one thing but may mean something else. Thank you to the entire PAX for following and putting out this am!! Oyster way to push during leg toss! Yes, YHC likes short intervals during exercises, running, and pushing through the pain! We are always capable of more-PERIOD! Good to see some old faces back out at the gloom! Fudd, hope your little spill was not too bad. And yes, some ice skating did occur this am during our runs!! YHC cell died during namer-ama so thank you to all help make sure big data was correct!! IF only my pager could record!?!?! And only those who show up understand!

It was a pleasure to lead the PAX this am. Make the most of each day. Tell your M and children you love them every day! This trip is not forever!

Loud and Proud!



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  1. Good Q Flatline. I thought the PLT count was high, then you hit us with 270 merkins around the lake. Swirly would have loved this beatdown.

  2. Great job Flatline. We can always count (or miscount) on you to bring the pain. My shoulders will not recover for days after Merkin lake and wheelbarrows.

  3. Shoulders are smoked, nice Q Flatline!! Great parterning w Spit on PLT’s, ouch… Have a great weekend fellas!

  4. Helix and I thought you were gonna hit us with Merkin Sprints (haha) and you beat it with wheelbarrows. Smoked. Good times Flatline. Thanks

  5. Such a shame that Swirly missed this. This was a chub-worthy beatdown if ever I saw one. Great Q Flatline. That was a smoke fest. When your arms are sore from just driving to ET’s, you know you just experienced an epic workout. Glad Saab and I were there to set the record straight on the many variations of exercises that can be referred to as “leg lifts”. I think we named 7 or 8 exercises that could fall under that nomiker. Missed seeing Flashdance today. You should post dude. OBT thinks you are a rucking God. Come show us how to do it.

  6. Thanks to the great partnership today….Booya Merkins w Sugar Sock, Leg Lifts w Shakedown, Wheelbarrows w Mr Roper, and general commiserating with Fudd on a variety of topics.

    Have yet to determine if doing what Flatline said…vs what he did… would have left my arms less smoked.

    As someone who had no idea whether he would post today, I am thankful for my internal clock telling me it was time to get up and make a meaningful start to my day. It was great to see everyone. As Bleeder said on his B-Day Q, I am so thankful to be part of this group.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Sorry to miss this solid beatdown Flatline….We have been out of town – hopefully this gives the knee a day or two of rest and that’s all that sucker needs cause Swirly will be posting Monday in the gloom !
    Way to work guys see y’all in the gloom!

  8. Flatline – your combinations of exercises hurt today. Well done. The yard work exercise was tough, but then you took off to burpee lake! Pure evil! Remember to randomly hug people! It feels good!

  9. Thanks to an aggressive lighting consultant and an ambitious Q my arms are smoked. Great Q Flatline, thanks for pushing me around merkin lake Rosie , thanks for the encouragement during PLTs Helix, and thanks for holding me up during the final wheel barrows Oyster. Never would have done half of this crap without all of the support from a bunch of like minded idiots. F3 brothers are the best.