Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No School So Cruel


The Hanover County schools couldn’t declare a 2 hour delay or cancel this morning’s beatdown at The Creek. 8 warriors stormed into the parking lot and got to work with a fun fest that went something like this…

50 LBCs IC

Mosey around the parking lot with a call for 4x4s along the way.

COP all IC – 50 SSHs, 50 LBCs, 20 copperhead squats, 20 imperial walkers, 15 don quixotes, arm circles, 50 LBCs

Mosey to the circle in front of the church building…

Partner up… one partner goes half around the circle with an exercise (bear crawl the first time, crab walk the second time, continue to rotate) and runs the rest while the other gets to work accumulating to 50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 squats, 200 SSHs, 250 LBCs.

Mosey to the pavillon.

Increasing Skull Crushers IC

10 skull crushers facing one direction, 10 skull crushers facing the opposite direction, 50 LBCs IC

20 skull crushers facing one direction, 20 skull crushers facing the opposite direction, 50 LBCs IC

Mosey to the flag – 15 flutter kicks IC, 15 american hammers IC, 2 LBCs IC

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements. YHC took us out.


CSAUP on April 13th/14th, Breaking Bread on Sunday, 1/28


YHC wasn’t sure what to expect this morning as he arrived in the parking lot. Would there be ice and snow in the parking lot and fields or nothing…? There was a mix.

The mumble chatter fired up as the PAX gathered by 5:29 am. It actually fired up the night before when Mudface asked YHC at a basketball practice if we would be doing 500 LBCs… He repeated that question upon arrival this morning. YHC did not want to disappoint.

YHC called out the fact that most of us have experienced some form of annoyance, if not anger, over the recent school closings and delays. YHC directed the PAX to direct their anger into the workout!

The PAX launched into LBCs with complaints about still being cold. Spit appeared proud as 4x4s were called out as the PAX circled the parking lot.

The COP included multiple yawns by Emoji. He appeared to be bored by the workout but we later found out that he fell asleep at 2:30 am and still MANNED UP to post with us. He may have been tired but yawning is not allowed. The rest of the PAX followed Emoji’s example but they yawned out of their butt through dropping massive GAS BOMBS. This is becoming a marker of The Creek. We may need to rename this AO to “The GAS.”

YHC was inspired by part of a recent Hardwood Q and the list of exercises for the set near the circle. YHC added 250 LBCs to help fulfill Mudface’s wish. The PAX lit up those exercises and fought through the bear crawls and crab walks halfway around the circle. Everyone rallied to finish together.

YHC loved hearing the complaints and moans in the pavilion as he rolled out the Houston favorite (skull crushers). There is something powerful about hearing the cadence and numbers being shouted out under the pavilion. The PAX rallied to knock those and the LBCs out!

The morning was a blast all around. It is truly an honor to lead these men into battle together.

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  1. Great Q Carpenter as always! Those Bear Crawls and Crab Walks in between Burpees and Merkins were no joke! Awesome job fellas! Looking forward to our guest Q next week.