Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Half & Half


On a clear Morning & snow covered AO, 12 men arrived at 45 Minutes of Mary for a Bleeder Q

Mosey to COP on the Blacktop

24x LBC’s
12x Don Quixote
15X 2 – arm circles
10x Merkins

Mosey to the Track

20x Merkins run half way around the Track, 49X LBC’s Continue half way back around track, rinse and repeat until Half time.

Mosey to the Center of the Tennis Courts

49X Dog Burpees

Mosey around the other half of the AO, and Half way to YHC house & Back to the VSF.
YHC took us out


Although the temperature was half of what it was yesterday, and half the surfaces of the AO were covered in ice, and half of the Windows at Mary Mumford still had lighted candles in them, It was a full beatdown. Thankfully the wind was kind enough not to blow.

Just the other day, a member of the Woodfin team mentioned someone was half way through the challenges of a medical treatment, by mentioning half way, YHC had no idea whether the time frame was in days, weeks, or years.

Being that today is YHC’s birthday, this prompted YHC to realize that YHC has been married for half of YHC’s life. Another humble observation that YHC has known TYA for Half of YHC Life as well. Half-way markers always around, it by choice to notice them or not. Sometimes picking up a carton of Half & Half when you get Lunch at Ellewoods with TYA and Swirly, can prime the idea to make a theme for a workout. (TYA thanks lunch & the “half & half”)

The mumbly Chatter was heavy this morning, everyone discussing the in’s and out’s of School decision making about closing or be late or on time, Phonics great to have you at a Bleeder Q.


Tomorrow for RAMM, OBT will be in town, Anyone interested in GORUCK, Bring a DAYPACK, RUCK, or Back Pack with some weight, he plans on Rucking during RAMM.

Next Sunday, Lab Rat is looking for individuals to help with Breaking Bread.

Bleeder out


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  1. Great Q and Happy Birthday, Bleeder! Between WDOG yesterday and your Q this morning, my whole body is smoked. Hopefully you weren’t consuming the half and half in the above photo. Per the expiration date, it looks a little old. Enjoyed this morning!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Half and Half baby! Happy Birthday Bleeder ….
    Way to work this morning fella’s .
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Wow, not a single bear-crawl today…thank you for keeping the workout “bare-knee” friendly.

    Inspirational words during the COT will help carry me through the week…Thanks Bleeder.

    Announcement: TYA needs extra paper mache.

  4. Happy Birthday brother. Sorry to have missed a Bleeder Q. By the time the workout finished, I was halfway to an early morning meeting. (See what I did there)

  5. Happy birthday, Bleeder! Generous of you to gift to us 49 dog burpees on your special day. Half of me wanted half that many.

  6. Happy Birthday Bleeder. Sorry to miss the the birthday Q but I was busy not doing half as many dog burpees, whatever those are.

  7. Wedding Singer on

    Happy Birthday Bleeder! Great Q. Not so great burpee number. ‘If you lost count, do more, you’re not there yet’.

  8. Happy Birthday Bleeder!!! I am sure you will mark the occasion by sitting down with the M and watching Plaster Casters (I cannot believe no one has mentioned this yet) Saab thanks for the rave review. Heck of a birthday Beatdown… so half of your life has been awesome and married to an amazing M and half of your life you’ve been friends with TYA. Balance in the Universe

  9. Saab waxing poetic about the mold of Jimi Hendrix’s dong made all the dog burpees worth while.

    Happy Birthday, Bleeder!

  10. Happy Birthday Bleeder, sorry I missed this 49th burpee beat down. Thanks for giving a shout out for grow ruck. Is OBT coming Friday to run the Ruck.

  11. Happy Birthday Bleeder! Half of me was sorry to miss this beatdown. The other half was happy I was in the fartsack in Baltimore. The third half looks forward to seeing you and OBT at RAMM tomorrow.