Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Road of DaVille


11 Warriors who all travled down didn’t road, were lead through the freezing fog to the road of DaVille.. Some traveled from SOJ, some from Tuckhoe, one even came back from Israelbut all were ready for some Tuesday morning fun.

This is how it went down:

Short mosey to the front of the HS

  • SSH
  • LBC’s
  • Merkins
  • DQ
  • Invisible Jump Rope
  • Arm Circles

Mosey to front of service road


DaVille Road of Fun

Stopping at everything light pole complete one 4×4. Rinse and Repeat till reaching the last pole near the football field


Using hill behind the baseball field. Complete 10 derkins on the curb then Bernie Sanders up the hill, complete 1 LBC’s, then run back down. Rinse and Repeat till completing 1 Derkin and 10 LBC’s

4 Corners

Using the football parking lot complete the following:

  • 1st Corner – 10 Burpees (Bear Crawl to next corner)
  • 2nd Corner – 20 (2ct) Mtn Climbers (run to next corner)
  • 3rd Corner – 30 SSH’s (Crab walk to corner)
  • 4 Corner – 40 LBC’s (run back to the start)

Indian Run back to the SF. Last person in line drops and does 10 LBC’s before running to the front. Each PAX members went twice

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out. 


It was great to get in the first Q at DaVille in the new year. YHC arrived at 5:20 to an empty parking lot. While planting the SF, Emoji pulled in. Viral decided to make the trip up for SOJ to join us this morning, missed the turn into Atlee since he was following the address listed on the website which shows the MS as the AO. Hey Corporate can we get this fixed?

During 11’s it was asked why it was called Bernie Sanders. After the 2 set there were no more questions. The PAX was “feeling the burn” by the end.

The Carpenter henceforth will be know as Crab Man. Like a flash he came out of nowhere to front of the PAX while crab walking nearly taking out Hutton on his way.

Glad to have some visitors from other nano regions this morning. Viral making his first trip to DaVille and E. F. Hutton making his return. Happy to have you guys this morning.

Glad to have Pick 2 back from his trip and Helix back from illness!!

  • CSAUP – AO to AO run April 13-14.  Get your team nano region or otherwise together.  More details to come.
  • Honey Do is looking for some fellas to help train some men for the Monument 10k starting next month. See him for details





  1. Oh baby, mah leggs!!!!!Nice Q Spit … that run back to the flag was awesome … great way to push us.

    I’m also glad to learn that DaVille isn’t as far as I imagined it to be for an SOJer like me. I can’t wait another 2 years to come back again! 😀

    Nice to meet you, Pick 2 congrats on the big news!

  2. Awesome beat down Spit! Still feel it. Yes I had hand warmers in the gloves. Congrats Pick 2! Circle K, great to see you again, I will be out more. Great to start the day with you “gentlemen”!

  3. Outstanding Q, Spit! You packed in a ton of pain into 45 minutes. The running and 4x4s turned a cold morning into a smoker immediately. The Bernie Sanders were no joke too. Thank you for your leadership and for creating a memorable morning in DaVille!

  4. That was frickin hard this morning!! Probably one of the most difficult f3 workouts ever. Top 10 for sure. Thanks spit for pushing us!

  5. Awesome workout, Spit. Carpenter, you are like a crab-walking mutant. I’d like to see a race with you crab-walking, Phonics running backwards, and a cheetah – it would be close!