Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MLK Day Run


Three PAX of varying speeds joined up in the gloom at River Run to enjoy the freezing cold weather.

The thang: OG Run – into Tarrington back up to Robious, across road and down Twin Team. Circle back to pick up the six. YHC did 4.5 total, Rosie a little more, Lug a little less.

Good catching up with Rosie, who eventually left YHC in the dust on the long climb to the top. Was a little chilly at the start, 15 degrees or so. Keep up the good work PAX.

CSAUP April 13th. Everyone is a buzzing with this as the word is getting out, should be a great time.




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  1. Wedding Singer on

    What happened to 65 and raining? Three days later is back to 15 degrees. Is acclimation a real thing?