Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beware the frozen track


Four formidable fellows found their way to Heartbreak Ridge on a cloudy morning. We covered most of the AO:

Msey to field between track and road. COP- Imperial Walkers, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Merkins. Head to Honeysuckle Hill for Burpees and Hill Run.  Start at 5 Burpees, run up Honeysuckle hill then repeato all the way to 10 Burpees. Head to tennis courts.   Bear Crawl width of 2 courts, 10 Merkins at start, 20 halfway then 30 at end. 2nd round decrease merkins by 5 each stop.

Head to track- bench fun. Alternate 20 Benchkicks, 20 Flutterkicks up bench. Repeato. Then carefully run on track over to Jerkin Gym. 3 sets of 8 each man. Run around track and finish with 3 Bernie Sanders and back to flag.

NMS – pax were dressed for cold weather, with Atilla donning a ski mask out of the car. Humidity made it feel downright warm once we got moving, or maybe the Burpees helped with that.

YHC had to move the COP location as Offshore was getting ahead of the Q. All 4 pax brought it this morning and YHC had to keep adding things.

Once we got to the track it got fun as the pebble track was frozen and patches of ice had to be dodged. Mr Holland lamented the Merkin count on the tennis courts and Offshore wondered aloud whether we went a full hour in the gloom, always a good sign.

Silent Assassin signing off.


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