Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What would Freud say?


Three squared showed up to square dance at Hoedown.

COP – SSH, Don Quixote, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, LBC

Mosey to the sea of blacktop and using the fence post perform an indigenous people pole smoker.  One Pax does heels to heaven while the others hold six inches with some 90 degrees thrown in.

Triple Check 1 (three times)

  • Karaoke the length of blacktop and back
  • Box cutters
  • Scorpions

Mosey closer to the school and find new partners for Triple Check 2 (three times)

  • Bear crawl across the grass and back
  • Jerkins

Mosey the bus loop for Triple Check 3 (three times) with new partners

  • Run the bus loop – backwards outbound, forwards inbound
  • BTTW
  • Flutter kicks

PLT – 25 reps, 3 times through

Mary – APDs, Hello Dolly

A flu free Up Chuck took us out.


It was nice and chilly to start the week off.  No fear, YHC and Honey Do kept the knees bare.  The pole smokers and box cutters gave us at least two opportunities to observe shooting stars.  Always a sight of wonder no matter how old you are or how many times you see one.

Mumble chatter through the COP centered around Marv’s dream about Fudd.  Yes, Fudd.  In this dream Fudd is the Q and as the Pax completes an exercise, Fudd would evangelically shout “Glory to God!”.  Eventually, the Pax turn on Fudd and beat him down mercilessly.  Marv takes Fudd to the hospital.  (Marv, did I get this right?)

There is certainly some dream analysis to be explored…..

Starbucks provided great 2nd F for about half of the Pax.  Coffee and great conversation post workout makes the day!

I will leave you to comment on that dream sequence.  Someone in the Pax clearly has some insight here.




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  1. Nice Q, Lockjaw! Between Fudd’s “shoutouts” to God and the amount of ab work that was had, I would have say that it was a glorious morning!

  2. Nice to see Keymaster back at Hoedown. I am left wondering if there were any specific pax members who in the dream beat up Fudd or was it just a faceless mob?

  3. Nice Q Lockjaw, thanks for leading! I’m not certain about the dream sequence, but I do wonder whether Fudd has stopped talking yet (especially after being aptly dosed with some Starbucks fuel)…doubt it…

  4. Nice Q Lockjaw. Great start to the week. It would be very interesting to hear an interpretation of the meaning behind Marv’s dream. Joseph was gifted at interpreting Pharoah’s dreams and was promoted to the #2 spot in Egypt. I would love to hear his thoughts on the subject.

    Given the limitless possibilities that could have occurred in Marv’s subconscious, I couldn’t be happier that he envisioned me getting persecuted for proselytizing for our Lord. This is the day that the Lord has made fellas….let us rejoice and be glad in it!