Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Bean Salad


Following another satisfying Friday evening thread of text messages amongst old guys (but most not yet worthy of Respect), seven posted for Saturday’s GridIron under comparatively (compared to last week) balmy conditions.  YHC pulled a cinder block out of the yard and a kettlebell out of the basement and placed these on the pavement without a firm idea of how we’d use them for the morning.

At 7 AM sharp, we started with Invisible Jump Ropes, Don Quixotes, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, and Arm Circles.  We then strolled to the nearby playground with one guy holding the cinder block high, another guy hoisting the kettlebell and doing whatever, and the other guys starting with Walking Imperial Walkers – completing 5 with a two count and then jogging to the guys carrying anchor.  We traded off weights and kept moving until we reached the playground.  We took turns completing 5 x Jerkins (on our own), 5 x Shoulder Presses with the cinder block, and 5 x Upright Rows with the kettlebell.  One round involved 5 sets of Jerkins and one each of the other exercises.  We did another full round with an underhand Jerkin (not as bad as it sounds).

We hit the pine straw under the nearby pine trees for 5 minutes of Burpees that included 5 Merkins within each Burpee.  Targeted 5 Burpees per minute, or 125 Merkins over 5 minutes.

We began another team stroll over to the school’s covered bus area.  We traded off block and bell carries while starting with 5 x two count Lunge Walks, then jog to the guys carrying anchor.  Continued Lunge Walks until all had carried each weight once, then started another round with Walking Imperial Walkers.  Upon arrival at the bus shelter, we shifted to the nearby grass and completed another round of 5 minutes of Burpees with the Merkins.

We moved to the bus shelter to complete 10 x Pole Smokers, along with 10 x Lat Pullovers with the bell and 10 x Curls with the block, until all have rounds with both weights.  We completed a second round of with 10 x Box Cutters, along with 10 x Skull Splitters and 10 second Straight Arm Block Hold.  We moved back to the grass for our final round of 5 minutes of Burpees with Merkins.

We worked our way back to the start with the block and bell stroll, initially with 5 second Bear Crawls until all have carried the weights, then Walking Imperial Walkers until we reached the parking lot.  We circled up for a quick few rounds of Ring of Fire involving rotating 5 second Straight Arm Holds of the cinder block and kettlebell.  We stayed in position for COT and Attila took us out.

Nice work fellas.  Byproduct kept up his near perfect winter attendance and flashed the Marionette during warm ups – or the Russian Soldier, but with lifting the arm and leg on the same side.  Attila reported (several different meanings) that it was Kombucha Friday at the Hun house the evening before.  Cecil sporting the Peru home jersey as his second layer.

Get better Earthworm.


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