Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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10 determined woke up and decided to hit the trails this morning.

4 Routes were run. 1. Northbank to T.Pottersfield to buttermilk and back to pump house, 2) Northbank to Belle Isle to buttermilk and back to pump house 3) 1+ add Forest Hill loop 4) 2x route 1.  Whistleblower took us out (thanks to YHC for giving her absolutely not prewiring).

A little chilly this morning, but the PAX is totally used to the cold temperatures.  Really the only place that it totally sucks is coming across the Nickel bridge.  As the morning got later, the wind got heavier and those running longer got rocked coming over that bridge.

Great to have upchuck back at the Sunday runs…he has been battling the flu for a couple of weeks and is finally well enough to hit the trails.  Bootleg hit the trails for the first time with the PAX.  Offshore volunteered to take him on a 4 mile jaunt.  When the majority of the PAX finished the first loop, no sign of Bootleg or Offshore. TYA and Labrat ran the same route the second time around so we could find them on the way back.  Upchuck texted that they arrived back at the pump house shortly after lab rat and YHC left for our second loop.  The had completed route two, just under seven miles.  Great job by Bootleg on his first trip out with us.



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  1. One of the highlights of my week. The worst day in the trails is better than a lot of things.

    Great work Bootleg – watch out, you might get hooked.

  2. Bootleg, strong work on your inaugural F3 trail run. Looking forward to more runs with you.

    Water was dripping off Manchester bridge onto the Belle Isle ramp and freezing the width of the ramp and the rails. Kind of cool, but tricky.

  3. Nice run today, fellas (and Whistleblower). Thank you for the encouragement. Legs just starting to get back into the swing of things. Great to be back out there with you all.

    How did we not get a shot of TYA today? Straight out of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. John Cleese Salvucci.

    Shakedown continues to snap beautiful photos on our runs. Find him on Facebook for some gorgeous shots of our city.

  4. We saw that second loop! That was crazy fun….and dangerous.

    Awesome to have you out, Bootleg! Sorry to miss the ET’s fun.

  5. We gotta get Shake a nice camera! That one with the sun over the bridge was spectacular.

    Glad you shook out the willies finally. Glad to have you back out, Upchuck.

  6. Beautiful morning. Really glad I made it out. I felt like I could do more than 4-5 but certainly wouldn’t have gone 7 on my own!

    Thanks for the push Offshore. My legs are shot!

    The morning light during and after F3 workouts around the river is amazing. Shakedown’s pics are inspiring. I’m scheming how to bring my tripod and camera along.

  7. Aw shucks, thanks fellas.

    My first time out I was nervous about 7 and today I was regretting not tagging along for the second loop. Running with this crew makes a big difference.

  8. First: Welcome to Bootleg on your first trail run. I look forward to your many returns.

    Second: Forest Hill was quite peaceful today. Always one of my favorite territories (with or without a visit to Crossroads). Woodpeckers were quite active.

    Third: Apologies to the third-shift for not sticking around at ET’s. Core temperature was dropping…hazard of wearing shorts.

    Fourth: Apologies (sort of) for being LIFO again…The challenge of catching up to the PAX is becoming a personal challenge I suppose, but not something to become a habit.

  9. Shakedown, gotta see these pics. Bootleg, way to go buddy. We are always capable of a little more.
    Whistleblower, great chatter on the trail!
    Hardywood-congrats on your great news and always super to have your energy!
    ET’s-great as always and I learned something new, house shows!
    Loud and Proud!