Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Unfortunately Still A Millennial


7 Warrior said “What Rain?” and no to their fart sacks to help YHC celebrate another year older.

This how it went down:

Mosey around the church

  • 33 LBC’s
  • 33 American Hammers
  • 33 SSH
  • 33 Arm Circles (16 forward and 17 backwards)

mosey to the pavilion 

Let’s just call it Dora’s evil cousin 

Partner up, first partner runs to the end of the road then back while second partner does exercises:

  • 33 Hand Release Merkins
  • 66 Squats
  • 99 Heels to Heaven
  • 132 LBC’s

33 LBC’s IC for the six

Reverso and Repeato

  • 132 LBC’s
  • 99 (2 count) American Hammers
  • 66 Jump Squats
  • 33 HRM’s

Al Gore O Rama for the six (and for Carpenter to tie his shoes)

Picnic Fun

OYO complete the following:

  • 11 Dips
  • 11 Derkins
  • 11 Skull Crushers

3 sets total and Al Gore for the six between sets

Mosey to the field

Sprint Drills

  • Sprint 100 yards, 33 LBC’s, Sprint back (by request from Front Porch, 33 IC LBC’s in the mud)
  • Sprint 75 yards, 33 LBC’s, Sprint back (Al Gore for six)
  • Sprint 50 yards, 33 LBC’s, Sprint back (Al Gore for six)

Mosey back to SF

Ring of Fire

Two PAX’s members bear crawl to the center, complete 2 Booyah! Merkins, then bear crawl back. Rinse and repeat till each member does it twice.

2 Burpees OYO

Numberama, Namerama, Emoji  took us out. 


Another year of hate has begun for YHC and there is only one way to celebrate, lead the PAX as the Q. The rain decided to slow down right as the PAX arrived. Once we start the COP, the heaven opened up. This was funny since Front Porch mentioned to Carpenter yesterday that he would only show up if it wasn’t raining. Speaking of Front Porch, we have officially named him the heckler of DaVille. Only time will tell if he can give Fudd and White Deer a run for their money.

Numerous comments were made about YHC’s age. Emoji mentioned that YHC was now a third of a century old. YHC reminded Emoji that he was half a century old. Always respect Emoji!

Yard Sale decided to join the 4th F club this morning by nearly clearing out the pavilion during the Evil Dora.

Rounders stay up all night and brought YHC a birthday cake made of snow during the Ring of Fire. The numbers for Ring of Fire were in honor of YHC’s 2.0 turning two on Sunday.

  •   CSAUP overnight April 13-14: running to all AOs as a team. Find a team of 6-9 from your nano-region.




  1. Happy 33rd Birthday, Spit! Thank you for including us in your 33 party with the 33 beat down this morning in the rainy gloom. It was good to have some familiar faces back with the PAX. The 60 degree weather helped. Let’s keep re-engaging the lost PAX members and get them back to skull-crushing and record-setting numbers of SSHs!!!